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Why can't I get Wonder Balm on the high street?

Why can't I get Wonder Balm on the high street? | The Clean Beauty Club

We're asked this occasionally and we completely get why it would feel handy to be able to pop into a chemist or a department store to get your hands on some Wonder Balm. 

We made a very conscious decision when we developed Wonder Balm to do three things. 

Firstly, we wanted it to be the absolute best product it could possibly be. That meant no scrimping on ingredients. No fillers to make it cheaper or easier to make. No adding amazing ingredients in such tiny quantities that they couldn't possibly do anything positive for your skin, just so that we could put the name in the ingredients list. It is 100% as it should be with no compromise. 

Secondly, we wanted it to be affordable. Wonder Balm is a premium product without the outrageous price tag. We didn't want anyone lusting after Wonder Balm but never being able to justify the price. We also didn't want anyone 'saving' it for good and only using it on special occasions (we do that so much). 

Thirdly, we would have had to use some much stronger preservatives to keep it good enough to sit on a shelf for a long time until you came along to buy it. We make Wonder Balm fresh and make sure it can last for a year. You can't really get that on the high street - everything must be preserved for so much longer!

So, this way we get to make Wonder Balm perfect and affordable enough to use every single day

To give you an idea of what a difference it would make if we sold Wonder Balm in shops...

Wonder Balm would cost £29.50 per pot

Wonder Balm - The Big One would cost £86.50!

Next time you use your pot of Wonder Balm, remember how much it should cost and give yourself a big high five for using such an incredible product :)

We totally get it though, being able to buy Wonder Balm would be handy. That's why we've made it as easy as possible to get your hands on it. 

  • Wonder Balm delivery is free in the UK.
  • It can be shipped all over the world

  • It fits through your letter box - no need to be home for delivery

  • It is available by subscription whenever you need it
  • Subscriptions are automatically discounted by up to 20%

So there you go - life can still be easy without the High Street! 

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