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Do you let your mind unwind?

What are you denying yourself?

Your mind might immediately go to a piece of chocolate cake or an ice cream. That’s one obvious way we’ve been conditioned to deny ourselves isn’t it? So much so that it’s just part of normal conversation.

‘Oh no I couldn’t / I shouldn’t / I’m really trying not to’

That kind of self denial is so common that we all have an understanding and a language for it. 

But let’s take it one step further, to the things you might not even realise you’re denying yourself. 

How about rest? Are you denying yourself rest?

We know all too well how it feels to have everyone tell you how you should ‘sleep when the baby sleeps’ and how impossible that can feel at the time. 

That’s all well and good, but we need to wash ourselves - to get through the piles of dishes - to work and to get on with life ‘while the baby sleeps too’

That example is a really big and obvious one that is hard to navigate - and so many of us can identify with it. 

But what about when the baby is actually 5 and you have a bit more space in your day? Do you start to rest then? What about when they’re spending the night away with family? How about when they’re 10? Do we turn into professional resters magically? When they go to uni? 

And how about the other times we’re denying ourselves rest?

How about part way through the day when we’re completely out of motivation to work - do you close your eyes for ten minutes to recharge? Or do you power through and down a coffee and a chocolate biscuit for the sugar/caffeine combo?

When you get an unexpected hour or two to yourself while everyone’s out. Do you have a bath and a nap because you’re knackered? Or do you use that time to get the hoovering done because ‘at least they’re not all under your feet and you can get it done faster - and you’ll feel better after it’s done so it’s worth it’?

When your boss asks you to work overtime (again) and you don’t reallllllly have an excuse not to because you don’t have any plans. Do you say yes because you feel you should? Or do you honour that free time you had for yourself and say no?

These things are sneaky aren’t they? When we asked - what are you denying yourself - we can’t imagine many thoughts went here. But the truth is that these things can all be thought of as examples of how hardworking we are. How resilient. How strong we must be. 

We invite you today to allow yourself to rest and also to ask yourself - what else am I denying myself of?

We’ll continue this chat later...😉

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