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Embracing Individuality: It's Okay To Be Different!

What for you would be an act of radical self love?

This is completely different for every person and it can be so interesting to see how different everyone’s answers are…

For some people - an act of radical self love might be allowing yourself to eat a slab of chocolate cake - and for another it might be allowing yourself the time it takes to prepare healthy meals. 

The feeling of unworthiness can prevent us doing either of those things and so many more. 

For you an act of radical self love might be waking at 5am to see the sunrise and go for a run, for another it might be sleeping until noon. 

One person might truly wish to go to university and study something their heart dreams of - while someone else might wish with all their heart to drop out of school. 

Radical acts of self love can be tiny and they can be massive. They can be done daily or started in a new year (or a new moon or a new week)

They can be saying no to something you don’t want to do. 

They can equally be saying yes to something you do want to do. 

What’s so interesting about these acts of radical self love is - that we believe everyone has secret longings for the things we do. We think everyone’s acts of self love are the same - and that we’re all denying ourselves equally. 

One person’s dream pamper might be a foot massage - while someone else would rather run naked into the sea. 

The next person might dream of running naked into the sea! While their friend would rather let their hair down and sing all night at a karaoke bar. 

Then you get to us - and we’d rather kick a hornet’s nest and take our chances than sing for fun...you get the idea?

We don’t all want the same things. So that thing you really want more than anything is what your body, your mind, your soul needs in this moment. 

But when we endlessly compare ourselves to others we think our own wants and desires aren’t important. 

Or we believe that everyone else wants to take salsa classes too - but they’re all not doing it - so I shouldn’t do it either. 

It just isn’t the case. 

So ask yourself - what would be an act of radical self love for you. What do you want more than anything else? And why are you not doing it…? 

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