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Stress Less, Live More

Once upon a time, around 30 or so years ago, my Dad took me outside to look at the stars. 

‘Do you see all those thousands and thousands of stars? Each one of them is completely massive, just like our sun. 

And compared to our sun, the earth is absolutely tiny. 

Compared to the earth, our country is absolutely tiny. 

Compared to our country, our city is absolutely tiny. 

Compared to absolutely everything around us, you are absolutely tiny. 

If you zoomed up even a mile, you would become less than the size of a speck of dust. 

Noone would be able to see you. 

Compared to all of the people and all of the animals and all of the trees and all of the seas, you are barely even visible. 

Zoom out to our galaxy and you are completely insignificant. 

Zoom out again to even one of those stars, and even our earth is utterly insignificant - let alone you. 

For every star we can see there are ten thousand we can’t see. 

What is outside us is so infinite - you don’t matter one bit.’

Fun, eh? Heartwarming Father & daughter chat. 

But he carried on. 

‘When you realise how tiny you are - you can do anything you want in life. 

Absolutely anything.

Life becomes exciting and limitless - instead of stressful and super important.

Don’t spend time thinking that you matter. 

Don’t worry that your decisions matter. 

Don’t spend any of your life stressing about who you should be or what you have to do. 

Instead, be excited by the fact that you can do anything, be anything, achieve anything - or nothing, and that none of it matters one bit!’

It might take you a while to get your head around this one (I’ve had 30 years and I still forget it most of the time!) But, what if you were to allow yourself to feel like you were deliciously insignificant - even for a few minutes?

If you were to allow yourself to zoom out and see yourself compared to that massive universe - how would it make you feel?

Would you make any decisions differently?

Would it matter that you were late to work today?

Would you forget about that stupid joke you made at that party you were at in 2008 that noone laughed at?

Would you do some things you love - that maybe you haven’t taken time for lately?

Would you be kinder to yourself maybe?

Would you look at your life differently? Your goals?

Would you be more excited about everything?

Would it maybe help you put down some heavy weight you’ve been carrying around?

Would it help you to realise that it could be fun to see life as an adventure?

I wonder what the first thing that popped into your mind was when you thought of being small and insignificant and unimportant (in a good way)

Did it remind you of something you'd like to do with your time?

If you’d like to share we’d love to hear it! Even more than that - we’d love for you to do it ♥️

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