The Clean Beauty Club

What people say...

♡ Morning Serum ♡ The morning serum doesn't just live up to the hype of being Botox in a bottle, which it totally is, it also takes the plumping nourishing effects of the evening serum to a whole new level, minimising pores, combating any redness and giving you the perfect base for your SPF and make up, if you even need any make up after that!! Totally delighted ladies! Thank you

– Karen

♡ Wonder Balm ♡ I love wonder balm! Since I started to use wonder balm I've stopped using all my other lotions and potions. I only need my wonder balm at night and my face looks and feels clean, soft and fresh. I've subscribed to the monthly delivery so I never run out. Best thing is that the girls at wonder balm are amazing, kind and hilarious! Plus they are giving back by planting trees for every set sold. So happy I found wonder balm!

– Jennifer

♡ Evening Serum ♡ I thought Wonderbalm was amazing - omg the serum is unbelievable!! Initially it was more oil like than I expected but it feels luxurious. Also wow - a little goes a long way! It doesn’t sit on my skin, sinks on really quickly. My skin felt plumper and I felt it looked smoother. A definite difference in the dark circles around my poor tired, single mum eyes!

– Lynne

♡ Wonder Mask ♡ Cannot recommend this mask enough.. I have just purchased my second one. I suffer with a very dry t zone and since using this with the other wonder products my skin has improved massively. The mask is easy to apply, smells amazing and leave skin feeling supper soft, hydrated and looking radiant. I ♥️ this so much

– Sarah

♡ Morning Serum ♡ I havent used even so much as concealer since Monday. I felt confident enough to just go with the glow. I'm still loving my night serum and always will but this morning serum is an absolute winner. I cannot rave enough about it. People need to have these products, my skin honestly is just so smooth even poreless looking it's absolutely outstanding

– Diane

♡ Breakout Wonder Drops ♡ I have gone from hiding behind a mask when I am going out to feeling like I can step out of the door without makeup no problem. I never really suffered with my skin through puberty so I felt horrible with my skin as it was . The week before they arrived I remember listening to the radio about things opening up and thinking if it was possible to go out to a club that night I actually wouldn't, because I felt so horrible in my skin, I definitely don't feel like that now. I am so grateful I have got to try it

– Vicki

Our beliefs

♥️ Life is all about balance

♥️ We don't believe in constantly deny ourselves to make our skin / life / bodies great

♥️ Instead be believe that adding in great things (like fantastic skincare) tips the balance

♥️ We believe that tipping that balance always towards the positive creates the most incredible version of *your* perfect skin, *your* happy body and *your* healthy mind

♥️ We use seriously powerful ingredients in incredibly potent formulations to deliver a special magic to your skin

♥️ As we like to say, ‘nature is the expert - we’re just the messengers’

♥️ Joy and self care are two of the most important parts of life - and that following those moments of happiness is the key to a life well lived

♥️ Long story short, we’re all about joy. We’re all about balance and we’re all about glow. We hope you’ll join us on this super fun journey towards the best life possible


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