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I love wonder balm! Since I started to use wonder balm I've stopped using all my other lotions and potions. I only need my wonder balm at night and my face looks and feels clean, soft and fresh. I've subscribed to the monthly delivery so I never run out. Best thing is that the girls at The Clean Beauty Club are amazing, kind and hilarious! Plus they are giving back by planting trees for every set sold. So happy I found wonder balm!

Jennifer B
Wonder Balm - The Clean Beauty Club

I can't believe how brilliant this product is. It removes all my makeup with ease (water proof mascara and Double Wear foundation), leaves my face feeling really soft and clean and despite being oil based, doesn't play havoc with my oily skin. Initially I was put off by the small size of the tin but even though I wear make up every day, it lasted almost 8 weeks. I have reordered!

Liz P.
Wonder Balm - The Clean Beauty Club

A week down using the morning serum, it's like botox in a bottle! I've been moaning about my forehead lines for so long and I kid you both not they are disappearing 😂🙌 bonus to the fact I have extremely glowy and even skin and havent used even so much as concealer since Monday. I felt confident enough to just go with the glow. I'm still loving my eveing serum and always will but this serum is an absolute winner.

I cannot rave enough about it. People need to have these products, my skin honestly is just so smooth even poreless looking it's absolutelyoutstanding.


Why have I waited so long to get the morning serum?! If I had known the effects of the combination of Wonder Balm plus the 2 serums, I'd have hands down had them all from day 1!

Omg it's the absolute dream skincare combo! I thought my skin was looking really good beforehand but oh no, the effects of all 3 together are AMAZING! And that Glow!

The morning serum doesn't just live up to the hype of being Botox in a bottle, which it totally is, it also takes the plumping nourishing effects of the evening serum to a whole new level, minimising pores, combating any redness and giving you the perfect base for your SPF and make up, if you even need any make up after that!!

Totally delighted! Thank you 🥰



What makes The Clean Beauty Club products so special?

Our products are created using ULTRA potent (and 100% natural) formulations that are powerful enough to create REAL transformation in your skin. We were bored of seeing products that used minuscule % of the good stuff (and filled the rest up with basic ingredients) and we NEW it could be so different. We were right 😉

How do we formulate our products?

We like to use two analogies when we talk about formulating our products.

This first is that we treat our products like they're food. We put together the best possible ingredients and we never add anything weird or (un)wonderful. We treat them like the best possible meal we could make - they're definitely not a supermarket ready meal. Far from it 😍

Another analogy we like is that we're putting together a magic potion. There are no filler ingredients in magic potions! Everything is selected for the plant-powered results they can bring to your beautiful skin.

One of our amazing followers called us 'beauty wizards' and we LOVED it. So beauty wizards we are indeed.

Do you ever test on animals?

Never ever ever ever ever with a cherry on top. None of the suppliers of our ingredients do either and we will never sell in any country where it would be necessary to test on animals. We have plenty of willing humans to do that for us so you can rest assured that our products are, and always will be, 100% cruelty free 🙌

How do we test our products?

As you know, we never test on animals. Instead we
ask our followers on social media to volunteer themselves to try out our
products before launch. If they aren't completely adored, we don't
launch them.

We also have all of our products tested at a cosmetic lab to ensure
they pass all UK safety standards, as is required by law.  We might be
the beauty wizards, but we bring in the big guys for extra safety

What can Wonder Balm be used for?

First and foremost, Wonder Balm is THE BEST hot cloth cleanser. Honestly, it's epic. It removes everything from make up and SPF to dirt and grime like a DREAM. When developing it though we wanted it to be more than just that 🙌

We wanted it to have ingredients known for their healing properties and their ability to keep skin nourished and healthy. Why not use a cleanser that actually makes your skin better? 🫶

It's because of these wonderful healing ingredients that our customers use Wonder Balm for way more. It has been used to heal minor burns, sunburn, sore and broken skin on hands, eczema and psoriasis. Apparently, it's also brilliant for getting HRT patches off your bottom 😉

It is so gentle it can be used to remove face paint from even the most sensitive skin - so don't forget to stock up before Halloween!

Plus - if we were ever standed on a desert island (voluntarily of course😉) we would have a ton of Wonder Balm with us. It sorts out dry lips and skin in an instant and we'd never be without it 😍

How do I use Wonder Balm?

This is mega easy and we have loads of videos to help you - you can see them all on our social media. Here's the quick lowdown:

Fill a basin with nice hot water

Soak a cloth in the water (nice thick cotton cloths work best)

Use dry hands to apply balm to face (start with half a pea sized amount - less is more) You can add more if you need it later.

Move the balm all over your face, loosening any make up, dirt and grime

When you're satisfied all mascara etc has been loosened (and you've taken your #balmface selfie) wring out the hot cloth

Allow it to cool to a temperature you are comfortable with (but warm is best)

Use the cloth to remove all the make up + balm from your face

All done!

What’s the best before end date of my product?

It will be written on a wee leaflet when you receive your order but - for reference - it'll be around a year from when you purchased your product.

This is the case for most skincare products. So if you have a load of creams in your bathroom that have been lying open for years - chuck them in the bin!

How do subscriptions work?

Super easy. Just choose how often you would like your products to arrive and a new order will be automatically generated for you. Your card will be charged each time just before your order is sent (and you'll get an email before it happens to remind you).

Can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, absolutely. You can cancel your subscription after you have received your first order.  You can also change how often you receive your order and which product you would like a subscription of. You can also login and pause subscriptions at any time. There is no minimum term or contract ♥️

My order is faulty / not quite right. What can I do?

Just send us an email to hello@thecleanbeautyclub.co.uk! We'd love to hear from you and we'd be delighted to send you a replacement / help you out in the best way we can.

Help! I'm experiencing a problem with my product. Can you help?

Of course we can! Send an email to hello@thecleanbeautyclub.co.uk and we'll get back to you asap. We're always here to help and we love to hear from you.