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Wonder Balm - The Clean Beauty Club Wonder Balm

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New to Wonder Balm? Incredible. Your skin is about to feel so good.

If you've landed here and never used Wonder Balm before - don't hesitate.

This little beauty has been nicknamed 'facial in a tin' by our customers and using it will make your life easier and your skin so happy.

If we were on a desert island and only had Wonder Balm, we'd be very very happy indeed. It cleanses, removes make up, nourishes and moisturises skin.

You can dump your eye make up remover / wipes / miceller water / cleanser / moisturiser and replace it all with this incredible product.

It also takes two minutes (or less) to use - and it is an entire routine in and of itself. Our customers report that using it at first (or as we like to call it - going from zero to wonder balm) changes their skin more than they ever imagined it could. Using it twice a day blew their
mind. They'd never seen anything like it.

So. It's easy. It's fast. It's gentle. It's incredible. What are you waiting for?

what people say

"Glowy is exactly how my skin looks, and it feels so nourished. Been using Evening Serum every night before bed - honestly, it’s so amazing!"

"I have tried the morning serum the past 2 days and I can see and feel change already 😍 Your products are liquid gold and I’m hooked for life 🙌"

"Truly amazing results in only a few weeks. My confidence is returning - that to me is priceless ♡♡♡"

"Your amazing products Wonder Balm and Wonder Serum have been game changers!! 😍 My skin is like silk ❤️❤️❤️"

"Just got my wonderbalm through, it’s actual maaagic! My eyes are sooooo sensitive but the Wonder Balm doesn’t even irritate them in the slightest ❤️❤️"

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Our beliefs

Our philosophy is that life is all about balance. We’re not here to tell you what to eat or drink or do (or more importantly - what *not* to eat or drink or do). We love pizza and chocolate and caffeine as much as the next person (maybe more?)

What we love to do is see life like a giant set of scales. For us it’s not about endlessly denying ourselves the enjoyment of the ‘negative’ side, but instead, adding as much as we can to the ‘positive’ side. 

Green juice | SPF | water | sleep | meditation | facial massage. They’re all amazing ways to tip that balance way back to the positive.

Our skincare products are the superfood green juice of dreams for your skin. Truly. They do things for your skin that before, you could only dream of. 

They tip that balance back so far to the positive that your friends will think you’ve been to a celebrity detox health spa for weeks and weeks. They’ll think you’ve touched nothing but spirulina smoothies and coconut water and that yoga is your new passion. 

We believe that joy and self care are two of the most important parts of life - and that following those moments of happiness is the key to a life well lived. 

We also believe that tipping that balance always towards the positive creates the most incredible version of *your* perfect skin, *your* happy body and *your* healthy mind. 

We use seriously powerful ingredients in incredibly potent formulations to deliver a special magic to your skin. We’ve been called ‘skincare alchemists’ ‘sorcerers’ and all sorts and we’ll take it all - but as we like to say, ‘nature is the expert - we’re just the messengers’.

We also love to dig around for all the best ways in life to tip that balance back to the positive and we love to share those finding with you. It saves you from doing all the research and you can just follow along on the journey with us! 

As we find more we’ll keep telling you about amazing things like facial massage, the powers of sleep and tips and tricks to still your mind. Do you know what stress and anxiety and all the associated hormones are doing to your skin? We didn’t either - but now we know we need to share it with you.

Long story short, we’re all about joy. We’re all about balance and we’re all about glow. We hope you’ll join us on this super fun journey towards the best life possible ♥️


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