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About Us


Emma & Aminah have worked together forever + ever. They studied together at GSA and have been in each others' minds and pockets ever since.

They're always planning and designing new products and new packaging. They talk about work alllllll day (& all night) long, fuelled by coffee & cheesy music. 


They had been making a basic version of the balm for about 10 years. Emma had discovered how to make it on a holiday when she was messing about with skincare ingredients and they had made it for themselves ever since. Now though, they wanted it to be better. The best balm they could possibly make. 

They researched till they were 100% sure they had the best ingredients they could possibly use.

They thought about it like a spell - 'If this was magic, what magic would we want on our skin?' then they made it. 

They wanted it to be 100% natural, so it is. They wanted it to be recyclable, so it's in aluminium tins. They wanted it to do something and it does. They wanted it to be healing and nourishing and to make skin better every time it's used.

They wanted it to melt off even the most stubborn make up. 

After sending out to willing testers and reading the responses they were getting, they knew they had done the right thing.

They knew it did everything they could have dreamed of. 

They also decided to make all decisions based on love and joy, not success. They never do anything because someone asked them to or said it would make them money. They don't pay for people to talk about Wonder Balm and they want every customer to be happy.

One of these decisions was to have a right old laugh - you can see them doing this regularly on Instagram and Facebook. People ask whether the videos are practised and scripted (hahahahahaha - no!)

They also made the decision to plant a tree for every Wonder Balm + 2 Cotton Cloths set sold. Because their kids love watching the Lorax and they want to save the world.