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About Us


Once upon a time we had a wonderful wholesale bath & body product brand. We sold in independent shops all over the U.K and everything was wonderful. Until it wasn't.
It's a long story (and you can read it here) but basically one day we realised we were completely burnt out - and we gave up our entire business overnight.
We knew we could never not be makers and we could never not work together. So what would be next?
We knew one thing. Whatever we did next had to be about JOY. Not burn out. Not being stocked in hundreds of stores.
We had to create a product that really truly did something and we had to have fun making it.
We had been making a balm cleanser for ourselves for years but had never sold it to anyone. We called it wonder balm.
We asked our social media following whether they fancied testing this magic product and we're endlessly thankful that they were brave enough to give it a try 🤩
The reviews absolutely blew our socks off - we couldn't have predicted in our wildest dreams the incredible response we got from those initial testers!
People called it 'magic in a tin'. They would ask - what IS this stuff?! What have you created?!
Not only could it melt off make up - but they told us it was transforming their skin too. Even the most sensitive, dry & painful skin was becoming soft and supple.
Wrinkles seemed to be melting away. Breakouts were clearing up. Even eczema and rosacea were responding incredibly positively to it.
The reviews skince then have only gotten better and better - and we're grateful every single day to be able to create products that genuinely make a difference and transform skin.
Oh, and there's PLENTY of joy too!

Emma and Aminah wearing Christmas outfits