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Breakout Wonder Drops


Breakout Wonder Drops - Coming Soon! - The Clean Beauty Club

Wonder Drops are here to supercharge your skincare routine!

Boost the skincare you already love by adding a couple of drops to your favourite wonder serum. You can totally personalise your skincare experience by using the exact formulation that suits your skin.

Packed with incredible antioxidants, Wonder Drops help to reduce the appearance of breakouts and minimise them before they form… not to mention the amazing anti-inflammatory, acne-fighting, redness-reducing, skin-smoothing & toning properties 😍


Actinidia chinensis seed oil, Copaifera officinalis resin, Tocopherol, Leptospermum scoparium oil, Helianthus annuus seed oil, Carapa guaianensis seed oil, Euterpe oleracea fruit oil

How it works

This incredible formulation has the most powerful ingredients nature has to offer - all together in one super-potent (yet tiny) bottle.

Each ingredient has been chosen for its unique ability to support your skin's breakout clearing powers. This is not just a spot treatment. Regular use of this product can prevent breakouts before they even happen - meaning you don't have to feel like your regular trouble spots are inevitable.

The Actives

There are 5 powerful actives all working together to create the product your skin has been dreaming of.

Copaifera Officinalis: 

The resin from a Brazillian tree - known to be one of the most anti-inflammatory oils on Earth. This will help prevent breakouts from becoming swollen and sore. It's also incredibly anti-bacterial & anti-microbial - helping your skin to ensure that breakouts happen in the first place. This is the superhero that helps your skin to fight all the nasties that (when trapped in your pores) cause the skin to freak out a bit and create breakouts. 

Carapa Guaianensis:
This seed oil has been used for thousands of years to treat inflammation and wounds and it is also an excellent skin conditioner. It will soothe and relax skin to help prevent flare ups and breakouts. This is the magical ingredient that can help stressed skin relax and not become inflamed and red and sore (see our blog posts on stress and skin)

Euterpe oleracea:
Or Acai berry as you may know it - is a very powerful anti-oxidant which is important to fight cell damaging free radicals. It is also known to significantly reduce redness and irritation of skin - two of the most troublesome aspects of breakouts. It is rich in vitamins C, A, B & E - delivering the huge benefits of these vitamins to your skin. This one is the super mop that helps your skin fight all the environmental factors that want to create premature ageing in your beautiful skin. Don’t let the bad guys win! Your skin needs all the help it can get with this one.

Leptospermum scoparium oil:
Also known as Manuka essential oil. You’ll likely know this from Manuka honey -but no bees are involved in the making of the oil (so it is vegan). It is from the leaves of the Manuka tree and it is powerful! This beauty is anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-viral. This is the oil we are most scared of spilling because it is so expensive - but no wonder! It’s liquid magic.

Actinidia chinensis seed oil:
Last but not least is kiwi seed oil. This non greasy and quickly absorbed oil is light and dry feeling - meaning it doesn’t sit long on skin but instead delivers all these wonderful actives exactly where they need to be. It has exceptionally high levels of omega 3 and helps skin fight the visible signs of ageing.

What our testers had to say

OMG. The blemish prone skin tester thingy...I am amazed. I've been using it a week now and I usually get the odd big painful under the skin spot on my cheeks or jaw and since using it I’ve had nothing!!! My skin is clearing right up!! Is this magic??


Honestly! It's amazing!! It's just what my skin needed. I use all the other stuff as you know, and that's really helped my breakouts calm down and not be so sore but this is the ICING ON THE CAKE


I love the aromatic scent which is nice and comforting. I'm finding it easy to apply, I'm using 2 drops. I'm targeting my usual breakout areas and I am noticing a difference in my skin. I am still getting a few spots but they are far smaller and are clearing up quicker than usual


Absolutely loving it... hormonal breakdowns are normally rife at this point in my cycle - only one so far this month! Makeup goes on easier and lasts all day now! Must really be balancing the skin out!


I'm really loving the sample for my breakouts! When I first started using it my skin wasn't at its complete worst but I haven't had a proper break out since which is amazing! I've been using it everyday and I can definitely tell the difference. I usually have bumps waiting to come through but they have settled a lot and most have disappeared! My chin area can usually look quite angry but it does look a lot calmer now. Also love the consistency as a little goes a long way - I still have tons left in my tester bottle!


So at first I thought the tester wasn't doing much. I had quite a lot of breakouts and it didn't seem to help. Then one day I realised I hadn't had any new breakouts. The ones I had were just fading. So yes the smell is a bit off putting but as it's medical I expected that.

So far so very good!


Well!!!!!!!  It did not disappoint 😍 straight away I saw my skin clearing up and when I did see a breakout emerging (hormonal) I just made sure I kept up with the serum and it came to nothing! There was a day or two where I didn't use the serum (laziness) and I really noticed the difference, I'd come out in a few big spots so I got back to it!  Cleansed applied the serum directly and went to sleep, when I woke up they were basically non existent!  This seriously is a magic potion and I'm so bloody grateful to have it in my life!  I have tried so many acne products and I've never noticed results so quickly!!!!!


So far I am loving the tester.  I have been suffering with my skin for a couple of months now, not helped by stress, poor eating and having to wear masks 13 hours a day at work. It got to the point my skin was very sore and once my Dad came round before I had my makeup on and thought I had chicken pox (my wee boy had it at the time) there was a total foot in mouth moment where he wasn't believing me that it was just very bad skin. 

The tester does definitely have a distinctive herbal smell, however this goes once it absorbs into the skin. Like the day/night serum the oily feeling goes very quickly. I have seen a huge improvement in my skin. The small under the skin spots which have made my skin look very uneven have eased, the red areas/scars from spots have all but disappeared. I get the occasional spot but I find they go a lot quicker and are not leaving behind everlasting marks. I have gone from hiding behind a mask when I am going out to feeling like I can step out of the door without makeup no problem. I never really suffered with my skin through puberty so I felt horrible with my skin as it was . The week before the sample arrived I remember listening to the radio about things opening up and thinking if it was possible to go out to a club that night I actually wouldn't, because I felt so horrible in my skin, I definitely don't feel like that now. It has given me my confidence back and I am so grateful I have got to try it. Please start selling it!


So excited to update. So I've just come through period week and while I can't say I'm totally spot free, I'm almost 90% better than the average week before! Was so amazing to see the difference this makes! Lot of my skin is now residual scarring or slow healing but I am so impressed 😌


I loved it!!!!  I saw a real difference in my breakout when using compared to now that I've run out.  I feel like it would be a game changer if I were to incorporate it in to my routine permanently, breakouts were stopped in their tracks pretty much which is just amazing and any active acne was eliminated within a day!


I loved it!!!!  I  saw a real difference in my breakout when using compared to now that I've run out.  I feel like it would be a game changer if I were to incorporate it in to my routine permanently, breakouts were stopped in their tracks pretty much which is just amazing and any active acne was eliminated within a day!


The only thing that I could pick out (and this me being super picky) was the smell!  I just adore the smell of wonderbalm and I was so happy to discover today that both the evening and morning serum has the same scent!   That is literally the only thing and even at that it's not awful or bad at all really it's just different to what I expected which isn't bad at all!!!


I love the feel of it on my skin I like that it's not a really heavy oil and it dries super fast!!


All in all I am beyond impressed and I would 100% incorporate the breakout serum in my daily routine and recommend to others (there's nothing Wonder related that I wouldn't recommend to be honest) I love that it's not full of harsh chemicals and still does a better job at dealing with acne than most other products on the market!!  All in all 10/10, highly recommend!!!!


I have stripped my routine right back again and currently only using Wonderbalm (twice a day) Morning and Evening serum and a moisturiser and I genuinely cannot believe how clear my skin is looking the scarring is clearing up like I have never seen before!!!!!!  I'm sorry for all the examination marks but I am just so happy!!!  I have absolutely no doubt that the acne serum combined with these magic potions will work wonders!  I am super excited to try it out!


The oil really did help my skin! I saw breakouts reduce especially at the time my hormones usually cause lots.

I used it almost every day and saw the difference on days I missed.

I still have oil left and would certainly use it again. The smell was a little off putting but it was medicated so I expected that.

Would be happy to share with others as I think it is a great product.


In the first week, I really didn't notice a difference and I felt like my skin was purging whilst adjusting to the serum, but then by the second week my skin was glowing and the spots that I could see appearing didn't really come much because of using the serum. I definitely think it did help but maybe not too much in relation to helping my skin stay spot free. I did think my pores looked a lot smaller though!


I feel like the oil 100% helped the breakout areas I get around my chin! Within a couple of days the usual angriness of my chin area settled and shrunk the size of the biggest spots I had! A good way to describe it is that I feel like it kinda shrunk the pores on my chin too? That could be mixture of using morning and night serum everyday too though! Since using the breakout oil I actually haven't had my usual angriness breakout spots but only the occasional few big ones rather than clusters if that makes sense? So I'd say in the very beginning I was using the oil every day, to then moving on to using it when spots appeared - as I had a good clear spell for about 4 weeks!