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How to be the best version of you

Have you ever done a future self meditation?

They’re so incredible and they can answer so many questions about how to make decisions in life now. 

You see - when you take the time out to look at your future self you are putting a bit of distance between yourself and your current life. 

All the day to day tasks and decisions you have filling your mind just now are taking up so much of your brain space that you’re making decisions with all of those things as super important factors. 

They might seem massive now and if someone were to suggest that you forget about them all  it could be easy to become super triggered and act from a defensive place in response. 

You might think for example - ‘yeah that’s ok for you to suggest - I wish I didn’t have to think about my rent / exam / work problems right now - but I can’t!’

But the truth is, you might not be able to see past them right now, but there’s a real benefit to trying. Sometimes the only way to see more clearly is to jump ahead five years or so and take those obstacles out of your own way. 

When you take yourself out of that place, you’re able to move past the worry about how the dishes haven’t been done and how soon your rent is due - to a place where all these little trivial life moments have been minimised. 

They become minimised not because they aren’t important - more that they become trivial life moments because they’re in the past and so they’ve become smaller (and theoretically this future version of you has already dealt with them all)

So what you see instead is the version of you that you truly wish to see. Sometimes it reveals things to you that you might not even have admitted you want for yourself. 

What does this person look like? Where are they? What matters to them?

Do they do a specific job? Are they powerful? Do they have qualifications you don’t have?

Are they calmer than you? More energetic? 

What do they eat? Who do they talk to? Do they read different books? Listen to different music?

What does everyone know them for?

What do they have to tell you? How did they get to where they are now? Do they have advice for you? Can they help with a problem you’re having currently?

Look at tiny things they do that you don’t do. Look for all the small everyday routines they have that have made them who they are. 

Do they take their vitamins every day?

Have they been doing 5 mins of meditation every day for years now?

Do they have an exercise routine?

Do they use wonder balm every day? 😉

Now when you come back to your current life ask yourself - what are a few things I could add into my day that will take me closer to becoming that person?

What simple things does that person do now that I don’t do?

What do they prioritise for themselves?

What do I do now that my future self doesn’t do?

What have they given up that I still do?

If you meet your future self and they categorically never eat blueberries - but you’re still eating blueberries every day, understand that there is no path from you to them that doesn’t involve you stopping eating blueberries. 

At some point, to become that person - YOU have to be the one who stops eating the blueberries. 

You don’t stop eating blueberries after you become your future self. You as the you who you are now must do it - or you are just pushing that version of you further and further into the future. 

Similarly, if that future version of you is wearing something - maybe you could buy that thing?

Emma noticed in practising future you meditations that her future self always wore a certain pair of white trainers. It was after a few visits to that future self that she realised - wait a minute - I don’t even HAVE those trainers?! 

In buying them, a bridge is created between you now and you then - and you become one step closer to becoming them. 

It’s truly not all about material things though. This isn’t a “‘fake it till you make it’ try sitting in a Lamborghini and one day it shall be yours” type of exercise. 

It’s more about realising that every day you are moving forward towards a version of yourself in the future. 

Making the decision to walk towards that version of you in your dreams, involves creating your life and making decisions with them in mind, as often as you can. 

Before you know it you’ll recognise that future self in the mirror and understand exactly how you got there.

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