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The Importance of Self Care

Have you ever heard the expression ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’ and thought to yourself - ‘Yeah I can, just you watch me? I could be half dead and still manage to look after everyone?’

Well we have a newsflash for you. 

No-one wants to drink from that cup

We don’t talk about this side of it - but here’s the truth. When you’re exhausted and depleted and not looking after yourself - you’re also not *really* looking after anyone else 🤯

Yes you might be going through the motions and doing everything that needs to be done. You might be dragging your tired backside round to get all the chores finished and putting yourself last and giving every 👏 last 👏 piece 👏 of yourself to everyone around you - but you’re not really nourishing anyone.

(Ooooh that realisation burns, right?)

That last drop of yourself that you’re pouring from an empty cup? It’s dark and bitter stewed old tea. 

Think about what you would want to drink if you were in need? If you wanted to be nourished and cared for? What would make you feel good?

A delicious fancy cucumber spa water? A hot strong cuppa? A smooth and delicious coffee?

Not the leftover dregs of an old teapot, we can bet you on that one. 

So if you do truly want to be the sort of person who cares for and nourishes others, you’d better make sure you’re turning yourself into that iced clear spa water first. 

That means you need to look after yourself, ok?

Now - before we go any further - we’re not suggesting that you should *only* care for yourself in order that you can better care for others (that’s the kind of thinking that got us here in the first place)

But if you identified with that first paragraph - we’ve got to start somewhere. 

And the first thing that has to go is that belief that giving everything away and having nothing for yourself is somehow a worthy and honourable thing to do. 

We know, truly, how much you just want to be there for everyone. How much you want other people to be happy. How you just want to help and you feel like you’re fine and you’re coping and everything is ok. 

But that’s not the goal. Feeling ‘ok’ is not the goal in life. 

So let’s drop that narrative shall we?

Next stop - Goddess like self care and throwing all our responsibilities into the sea!*

*Only kidding. One step at a time, eh? 😉

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