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Easy Gifting on a tight budget

Easy Gifting on a tight budget | The Clean Beauty Club

We've been making life hard for ourselves for a long time 😅 and we can bet you've been doing it at least a little too.

When it comes to Christmas and gift-giving though - that can get EXTRA complicated.

Endlessly trudging round the shops, trying to get a parking space, lugging around rolls of wrapping paper, standing in queues - looking for the perfect gift, then hoping at least for a decent gift, before giving up and trying to find ANYTHING for those super tricky people in your life.

It can be easy to buy for some friends. You just know exactly the right thing to get them.

Other gifts would be SO easy with an endless budget.

Then there are people you wouldn't know what to get even with all the money in the world and all the time available to find something 🤣

So this year we say, you can get the BEST gift ever - plus, there are no queues, no car parks, no trudging. Not even any wrapping paper!

Get your hands on a Gift Boxed Wonder Balm for every wonderful person in your life - and spend your newly saved time and energy on fun stuff! (We'd pick mince pies and very cheesy films - but you do you!)

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