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The best beauty gift ever for under £15

The best beauty gift ever for under £15 | The Clean Beauty Club

Ok, we know that trying to buy an even semi-decent gift for someone under £15 is nearly impossible. What if we told you that instead of a semi-decent gift you could get the BEST GIFT IN THE WHOLE WORLD for under £15 instead?

There are honestly so many gifts we have to buy at that price point every year and it's always a pain in the baubles. Teachers, Secret Santas, Stocking Fillers...plus all the other amazing people in our lives.

We've found ourselves spending the MOST time and effort trying to get something in budget to look decent. Chocolates? A bath thing? A bottle of something? Meh. They're fine. But we don't want fine!

So we've solved this massive problem once and for all. We've taken the most gorgeous gift box - just the right size to pack in a Wonder Balm, a Cotton Cloth & a Golden 'You've been given the Gift of Glow' Ticket.

What's more, there's even a QR code on the box for your lucky pal to scan and follow. When they do, we'll take over - with all the instructions, information & answers they might need to make sure they get the very best out of their amazing gift.

You get to be the super-organised looking friend who gives the BEST gifts in the world. You get to be the person who gave them the best skin of their lives. They won't forget you in a hurry!

Get your hands on a Gift Boxed Wonder Balm for all your wonderful friends and let this be the easiest Christmas ever!

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