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Taking control of your happiness

If you don’t live your life - other people will live it for you. 

I think we all get that, don’t we? If we don’t take ownership of our lives, of our decisions, of what makes us happy - life will carry on anyway and people will make decisions for us. 

Great - well here’s the extra layer that makes this one a complete kicker. 

👏 No-one 👏 wants 👏 to 👏 live 👏 your 👏 life 👏 for 👏 you 👏

So stop giving them that power. 

Everyone has their own lives to live. 

Everyone has their own decisions to make. 

And everyone has their own version of happiness. 

Now...here’s where it gets complicated. Some people just want you to be happy...and they think they *know* what will make you happy...and they will be happy if *you* are happy...so they want you to do that thing so that you can be happy...and *they* can be happy

But if your version of happy is different to their version of happy - it’s your *duty* to follow your own path. 

You can’t keep following someone else’s path and resent them for stopping you from being happy. 

The only way you can show them that your path is the right one for you is *by being happy*

And they want you to be happy...

This only really landed for us when we had kids. 

If they ever tell us they’re not happy because they’re doing something just because we want them to - or because they think it will make us happy…

We will be declaring a mighty hell no to that. 

It’s not just your good luck if you get to walk your personal path of happiness. 

It’s your duty

And the irony?

Everyone will be happy that you are happy 💛

Easy, huh?

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