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The Power of Belief

We have a challenge for you. 

Make a wish. 

What did you wish for?

Money? Time? A smokin’ hot bod?

Ok - make more wishes. Write them down if you can. 

Keep going. We’ll let you know when to stop😉

No cheating now! Don’t go reading ahead and ruin the magic. Start thinking really carefully about all the things you’d wish for. 

Once you’ve made at least 20...it starts to get trickier. 

They get a bit smaller and a bit more specific maybe? 

They aren’t so massive and life changing and fantastical. They start to get a bit more realistic. 

They matter to the version of you that is here right now - and they actually often become quite doable…

Doable wishes become really quite exciting because (you guessed it) you can actually do something about them!

Once they’re out of your head and on paper - ask yourself this…

Are these the same dreams you’ve had for years and years?

Maybe even for decades?

Now shuffle them all up.

Are they all really so unachievable that you’d use a precious wish on them?

What if a genie were to come and say - I’ll grant you three wishes - but I get to choose which ones to grant. 

Would you take some off the list because they weren’t worth using a precious wish on?

Or would you take some off because you realised - actually - I could have that if I decided I really wanted it?

Sometimes we put our dreams together in a big pile marked ‘unachievable’ or ‘I’ll work on this in the future’.

But often the things we want are totally within our power and actually pretty easy for us to have. 

So, you super powerful human - what dreams are you going to make come true today? 🧞‍♂️

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