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What Clean Beauty means to us

What Clean Beauty means to us | The Clean Beauty Club

Clean beauty is going to be something you'll be hearing a lot about in 2020 and we're very happy about that. We think it can only be a good thing that we're educating ourselves enough to know that what we put on our skin really matters. 

We've been thinking so much more about our food lately and the fuel we choose to put in our bodies. It's no longer so acceptable to have a dinner that we can't quite identify and for the ingredients list to be longer than our arms. Not without us choosing it to be that way anyway!

Clean beauty, for us, is about knowing that with each cleanse we are doing something good for our skin and that there isn't a massive payoff for us to make at the end of it. What do we mean by that? Well, we don't want to use a fantastic and super efficient cleanser only to find that it has stripped our skin of our lovely natural oils and it has become dry and tight. Equally we don't want to fall in love with a product only to find that it contains palm oil, or that the packaging is totally unrecyclable. 

We didn't shout too much about Wonder Balm in the context of it being 'Clean Beauty' for the first year of its existence really because we took a lot of it for granted. We had made the decisions about what the ingredients would be and how the packaging would look by just keeping ourselves happy. What do we want on our skin? How do we want to feel after using it? What's important to us when it comes to packaging?

Turns out all of these things can be very easily defined by the term 'Clean Beauty' so it's time for us to take hold of it and shout it loud! Wonder Balm is free from nasties, palm oil, weird stuff. It's packaged in aluminium so that you can recycle it super easily and it will make your skin super clean - without stripping it or taking anything away. 

Incredible eh? 

Get your Wonder balm here and start your Clean Beauty journey now 😍

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