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The Pony formerly known as Steve

The Pony formerly known as Steve | The Clean Beauty Club

Those of you who are mega fans over on instagram noticed that we had made a small but very significant change. Our username was no longer @aponycalledsteve


WHAT? Why?!

Well, we're making very big changes over here at APCS. 

Here's the full story. So we were chatting to someone lovely who adored the balm and she asked a very important question. 

'Are you completely married to the name?'

We started to reply yes, of course, here are all the reasons. But for the first time in 7 years, the reasons weren't the same. 

The truth is, A Pony Called Steve was a very different company in its formation that the company we have today. The name was fantastic. Had people visiting us in droves, laughing with us & generally having a good time. 

It worked. 

Then last year we stopped selling through independent shops. It still made sense though - we had candles and soaps and bath salts. The packaging was still striking and exciting and we had our wee Team Steve gang. The world was good. 

Then Wonder Balm came along. Team Steve loved it. Really really loved it and we were so happy and grateful. 

But fast forward to January this year and we had made the decision to drop all of our other lovely products and concentrate on Wonder Balm. We sold more of that than anything else by miles, but we couldn't offer free shipping in case someone ordered a candle with their Wonder Balm. And free shipping was what you really wanted!

So it's February and we are the Wonder Balm people. Yey! 

Let's revisit that question. 

'The product is up there with the high end cleansing balms I've tried. You may be emotionally attached to the "A Pony Called Steve" Brand but perhaps it doesn't convey luscious cleaning balm for glowing skin.'

She is totally right. We love APCS, but it sounds like a gimmick and the truth is, Wonder Balm is up there with all the high end cleansing balms out there. The ingredients are incredible. The results are amazing. Wonder Balm is growing bigger than A Pony Called Steve ever thought it would. 

So it's time for us to rethink what we're saying to the world. We want everyone to know how incredible this balm is, because it really is changing skin for the better. It really is helping so many people with problems that they've never found solutions for in the past. It really is melting off all make up like a total dream. 

We want it to help so many more people and to be sending Wonder Balm all over the world. Imagine the number of trees we could plant? Imagine all the plastic packaging that won't be used because people have this tiny tin of incredible balm to do everything in their bathrooms and toilet bags and handbags?

So next time you see us we may look slightly different. Don't worry, it's still us. Our company name is still A Pony Called Steve. He's still here, but he's getting some time off to frolic about and do what he does best. 

On to the next chapter...

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