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If Wonder Balm was a meal...

If Wonder Balm was a meal... | The Clean Beauty Club

Ah the ingredients. We can't tell you how amazing they are for your skin. We all know how incredibly easily they cleanse your skin - make up just melts away with complete ease. But what about the other benefits to your skin?

When we created Wonder Balm we did it as if we were creating the absolute skin care product of our dreams. We held nothing back and went for the best possible recipe we could. We figured, lets start with the absolute best and we can take bits out if we need to. 

Turns out, we didn't need to. Or we could have, but we chose not to. Why? Because we want our skin to be incredible. We want your skin to be incredible. So we left everything in and didn't reduce the quantities even one tiny bit. 

If Wonder Balm was a meal, it would be nourishing and filling and delicious. There would be zero fast food hangover and you would have all the energy you needed to power through your day. Oh, and you would just be glowing afterwards. 

There are no drying ingredients, nothing to make your skin tight. You don't have to compensate with a moisturiser because you've used something to harsh on your skin. There are no filler ingredients to bulk it out and make it cheaper. The incredible ingredients that we chose - we use as much of them as we wanted. There's no compromise. 

If Wonder Balm was a meal, it would never be on the super saver early evening menu. It's the full, delicious, super fresh ingredients special. 

But (we hear you ponder) Wonder Balm isn't very expensive. It lasts for ages, I only need a tiny amount and it does loads of stuff. How can that all be true?

The answer is simple. We're magic. Oh, and we only make Wonder Balm available directly through our website. 

Did you know that if we sold Wonder Balm through shops / department stores etc that a small pot would cost £29.50? We decided just not to do that and make it 100% perfect and made with the most luxurious and expensive ingredients. 

We love you and your skin to do it any other way!


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