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Making Life Easy With Wonder Balm

Making Life Easy With Wonder Balm | The Clean Beauty Club

Ease ease ease - that's what we're hoping to achieve with all things. We're doing all we can to make Wonder Balm the product that makes your life easy too. 

Firstly (as Wonder Balm users already know) removing make up with Wonder Balm is so much easier than the other options out there. You might look at a pack of make up wipes and think that it's the super quick magic bullet that you need. Read this blog post to find out why they're not. 

We received this amazing message from a super cool customer of ours when she received a pot of Wonder Balm after having run out. Check this out -

"Been two weeks without it, never again 😂. I scraped by with sh*** XXX (massive name) cleanser I found, total rubbish! The struggle was real I'm telling you! Three bloody steps, and eye make up remover, a micellar water than a face wash! I'm so happy you make Wonder Balm 😂❤️❤️"

So there you go. Wonder Balm brings ease and don't we all want that? We do!

The next way we try to make things as easy as possible is to offer Wonder Balm as a subscription product. Choose how often you want your pot to arrive and we'll do the rest. Choose to receive your new Wonder Balm every 1, 2 or 3 months and it'll be on your doormat just as you need it. 

On that note, we've also made sure that your Wonder Balm subscription can arrive to you as a letterbox sized parcel* so that there is no need to be home for the post arriving. *This doesn't apply to The Big One - it's just too massive! 

Want to make things even easier? UK delivery is also free. So - we'd love to help you have more ease in your life. Wonder Balm is one way to help that happen!

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