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What have you done with Steve?!

What have you done with Steve?! | The Clean Beauty Club

Don't worry - he's here 😆

Steve has always been one of the biggest parts of our company. You all love him. We love him. It is a very happy relationship. 

When we sold body lotions and candles and bath salts and soaps (particularly in indie boutiques) Steve helped us stand out from the rest. In a sea of similar products it was so important we stood out and had something extra. Steve was definitely extra!

On social media @aponycalledsteve gives a very pleasant little 'huh?' when the name is seen and it makes people want to know more. 

Type A Pony Called Steve into any search engine and you will definitely only find us!

For six years this was an incredible thing and we loved it. 

Then Wonder Balm came along. 

Wonder Balm was bigger and better than we ever imagined it could possibly be. Wonder Balm is so good and it does so much. There's so much to talk about with it and we're never short of things to say. We can talk about it all day long and tell you all the amazing benefits and do all the balm faces all day long. 

A Pony Called Steve suits our personalities so well. We love to have a laugh with Steve and you guys. We've enjoyed so much having all the fun on instagram stories and dancing about and doing silly stuff. 

The truth is though...A Pony Called Steve doesn't suit Wonder Balm. 

It doesn't tell you how incredible it is, what amazing things it will do for your skin or how fantastic the ingredients are. 

It doesn't allow you to feel as secure and safe as you should when you pick up a tin and decide to put it on your lovely skin. 

We really care about your lovely skin. We care about everyones lovely skin and we want you to know we take it seriously. 

We don't want you to think Wonder Balm is a gimmick because it really isn't. 

We want as many people as possible to use it - because we want everyone to stop drying out their skin with something that's way too harsh. We want everyone in the whole wide world to stop using make up wipes because they're truly cr*p for your skin and cr*p for the environment. We also don't want you to have to use 12 different products just to get your make up off.

You deserve way better than that. 

Truthfully, Wonder Balm deserves way better than that. Wonder Balm has earned the label of Clean Beauty by using only top notch + sustainable ingredients, recyclable packaging and cruelty free testing. It's time for us to shout about it!

And Steve? He's still here. Do you miss him? Join our secret behind the scenes gang and you can always know what he's up to 😉

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