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The Clean Beauty Club

The Clean Beauty Club | The Clean Beauty Club

For those of you who are new to us - welcome! We're delighted to have you as part of The Clean Beauty Club. Settle in. It's nice here. 

For those of you who want to know why we've made a change - we'll explain all here. 

So...clean beauty. It's a phrase you might hear a lot of through 2020 for good reason. We're just not so happy with big beauty companies deciding what goes on our skin, any more than we're happy about food companies deciding what goes in our mouths. People are taking charge and becoming more educated and we love that!

Clean Beauty for us is about a consideration of what ingredients are truly best for our lovely skin. What packaging they're put in (to look after our lovely planet) and what companies are testing their products on (because ponies have feelings too). 

We've considered all these things so much and we've made sure to do absolutely everything in the best possible way we can when making decisions about Wonder Balm. 

Our ingredients are incredible - they're nourishing and natural and pure and sustainable. 

Our packaging is carefully considered. Our tins are aluminium, our flyers are recycled, our boxes are recyclable. We don't use plastic packing or anything in excess. 

We never ever ever test on animals and we never ever ever will. 

Our Wonder Balm is deeply cleansing and nourishing and downright good for skin. 

So why weren't we shouting about this? Why hadn't we claimed that Clean Beauty badge that we had already been proud owners of for so long?

Because we were shy

What?! Shy?!

Totally. We worried that we weren't green enough or clean enough. That maybe the big companies were doing it better or cleaner or were somehow using more amazing ingredients. 

But they're not. We're doing everything possible and we're committed to consistently doing better and improving wherever and whenever we can. 

Our customers absolutely rave about Wonder Balm because it is so good and we can be proud of that. 

We want more people to know about this amazing balm - and we will proudly stand by The Clean Beauty Club in the knowledge that Wonder Balm is just that. As clean as can be. As green as can be. And nourishing with it. Any products we release going forward will be too. 

For those of you who are upset about losing Steve, don't be. He's still here and we'll explain more in a future post. 

Let's go forward and help more people to discover Wonder Balm. Because we plant trees and we're committed to keep making this incredible product just as perfect as it is ❤️

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Mar 10, 2020 • Posted by Helen White

Love the name change and so well deserved ♡♡♡
I remember back at the testing stage, predicting this Balm was gonna be huge and I love that it is doing so well. Cant wait to see what comes next xxx Looking forward to testing more of your fantastic clean beauty products xxx

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