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New things are happening!

New things are happening! | The Clean Beauty Club

Many of you have been on tenterhooks wondering what on earth we're up to here at Team Steve. We're so excited to be telling you now!

You all know about Wonder Balm - many of you have tried it & love it (yey!) 

You've all met Steve - he's been our mascot and spirit animal for seven years now. Seven! We understand why you might be upset at the thought of him leaving. 

Here's the thing - Wonder Balm has become bigger than Steve. Wonder Balm has become bigger than we ever thought it might and it is very very exciting!

We receive emails and messages every day telling us about your experiences with Wonder Balm - how much it has changed your skin and your skincare regimen. 

We are so happy thinking about everyone having better skin, easier make up removal and less plastic in their lives. Think about all the make up wipes that won't be used in the future. It's incredible!

Those of you who have been recommending Wonder Balm to friends will be able to understand how tricky it can be talking about this amazing luxurious cleansing balm  - and then saying it's by A Pony Called Steve. 

Those of you who love Steve just get it (and we love you for that) but Wonder Balm deserves to be understood better. It should be tried by everyone without concern that it might be a gimmick. 

We also have decided to stop being shy about the things we strive so hard to do well. We've decided to stand up and declare that Wonder Balm is in fact part of the new Clean Beauty movement. 

We didn't know that this would be a thing in 2020. We didn't know how concerned people would become about the ingredients of their skincare, the packaging it lives in or the animal testing it uses. We did all these things the way we did them because we care about our skin, our planet and ponies like Steve. 

We created Wonder Balm as if it was just for us. Using the most incredible ingredients (and lots of them) just because of what they could do for skin. We seriously considered massively gorgeous (but unsustainable) packaging - but thought very carefully about how guilty we would feel if it really took off and we had to put lots more plastic into the world. We're very happy we made that choice now!

So - Wonder Balm will now be created under the beautiful umbrella that is The Clean Beauty Club. So many of you have a subscription now - so you're in the Club! Haven't got one yet? You can receive your Wonder Balm every 1, 2 or 3 months - get it here!

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