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The Future of A Pony Called Steve

The Future of A Pony Called Steve | The Clean Beauty Club

Here it is! It's finally time to tell you all!

(Thank goodness - we couldn't have held it in much longer)

We told you a few weeks ago that A Pony Called Steve would be changing to The Clean Beauty Club. That's where you can find us online and that's the name under which Wonder Balm will soon be available. 

Understandably, many of you were really quite upset at the thought of losing Steve. 

He's been with us for seven years now and represents some amazing things. Amazing products. Great fun. Something more exciting than just lavender scented guest soaps. Planting trees. Being colourful and interesting and different

We said in our announcement that Wonder Balm had become bigger than Steve. The truth is, we also want A Pony Called Steve to be bigger than Wonder Balm...

We've always wanted Steve to stand for something. To be a way for us to do good things in the world. We love that through Steve we can plant trees. In all honesty though - in order for us to plant many more trees, Wonder Balm and A Pony Called Steve had to partially part ways. 

A Pony Called Steve has always provoked a 🤔huh?! reaction when we've said it. You'll have experienced that yourselves whenever you've talked to friends about how much they need Wonder Balm in their lives. We really don't want people to worry that we're not taking their skin seriously. We take Wonder Balm very seriously and it's seriously good. It doesn't deserve the 🤔

On that note - A Pony Called Steve can only do incredible things if the products under it can be as successful as possible. We can only plant trees for every Wonder Balm + 2 Cotton Cloths (& A Tree) sold. We want to do way more than plant trees. We want to support causes and people and the world. We want Steve to be a real reason why the world is a better place. Oh, and we really enjoy being silly on instagram. 

In order that each of these amazing things (Wonder Balm + Steve) can both thrive we're separating them ever so slightly. Think of them both as plants that have outgrown their pots. We're just putting each of them in bigger and better pots to allow them to grow. 

So do you see why we needed you to stick with us? We knew you'd understand. 

Best news ever? You can find @aponycalledsteve on instagram again. We just had to wait 14 days to transfer our handle over!

Can't wait to see you there soon ❤️

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