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I don't wear make up...

I don't wear make up... | The Clean Beauty Club

Hello non make up wearer!

We make loads of videos about how incredibly fast & easily Wonder Balm can remove lots of make up. But we have a secret to tell you...

We didn't know it would do that when we made it.

That wasn't really the idea. 

We developed it to be like a superfood for skin. 

We wanted it to be a cleanser to a) stop people using rubbish, harsh cleansers when they didn't need to and b) we wanted people to use it every single day to see the difference it could make. 

Have you ever thought to yourself 'I wish I had started taking daily vitamins six months ago - how great I would feel today!' or 'If I had started doing just 10 sit ups or 10 press ups a day three months ago - I would have done 900 by now!'

These tiny & seemingly insignificant changes all add up & make a difference - sometimes so much more than big things done only occasionally. 

So let's go back to that skin of yours that has no make up on it. You're washing it often with something. Is it soap? Shower gel? Just water? Facial wipes? If it's the last one stop that right now and read this)

The skin on your face is very different to the skin everywhere else on your body. 

The skin on your body sweats to keep you cool & so needs cleaned + deodorised. Generally then it's very happy (unless it isn't - eczema etc)

Your face is a much more complicated beast & loves to be looked after. 

The skin surrounding your eyes (and your eyes themselves) are incredibly delicate and should be treated as such. It's very often a very good idea to avoid soap in this area and it's always a good idea to avoid make up wipes there. 

The skin on your face is exposed to the elements so much more than any other part of your body. Think about how carefully we clothe and cover the rest of ourselves and all the rest of our skin. Our face just doesn't have that protection. 

Sunlight, pollution, sweat, germs & general life grime make themselves at home on the skin on your face every single day without fail.

Then there are our hands too. They constantly touch our faces after touching food + door handles + other people - the possibilities are really massive with this one. 

Have you ever found yourself with breakouts around your mouth & chin? Pay attention to just how much you touch that area in future & you might well understand the reason why...

Most people are of the belief that just washing our hands with water really wouldn't be enough...the same applies to your face - even without make up. 

So before you go to bed tonight - think about what your face has been through and give it a thorough cleanse. Wonder Balm + hot water help you reset your skin to cleansed freshness whether you wear make up or not. 

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