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What happens to your skin as you sleep?

What happens to your skin as you sleep? | The Clean Beauty Club

The reason we answer this one is that so many people don't cleanse in the morning. Whether you do or don't is 100% up to you - as is everything else. 

This information might help you decide what is right for you. 

Firstly, your skin uses your time asleep to repair itself. Your whole body is busy doing this actually. Sleep is very important!

So your skin uses your down time to push impurities out through your pores (ever woken up to a massive breakout that wasn't there the day before?) It's important to make sure your skin is clean before bed to allow it to do that effectively. Read this post to find out why cleansing before bed is so important. 

So - your skin in the morning. There are three reasons why you should consider giving it a really good cleanse before you go about your day. 

1) As mentioned before - skin uses this time to push impurities out of your pores & to rid itself of dead skin cells (lovely). So it's important to remove these in the morning. 

2) All those impurities & dead skin give your skin a slight dullness (or a massive amount of dullness - depending on your skin type) and that can be so easily remedied by a quick cleanse. If you're a make up wearer then you're spending lots of time & money (potentially) on helping your skin look just that bit more gorgeous. But you don't have a blank & even canvas to start with. If you want to make sure you look your best - cleanse in the morning. It gives your skin a head start, glow wise. 

3) If you're really into this whole skincare malarkey (like us 😍) then you will quite possibly be using a chemical exfoliator (an acid) on your skin at night. The job of a chemical exfoliator is to help the skin shed old cells by breaking down the 'glue' that holds these cells together. Once upon a time you might have done this by physically scrubbing at your skin or using something rough (apricot scrub anyone?) Times have changed and chemical exfoliators are more popular than ever. Depending on your skin type you can choose to have one that helps specifically with breakouts or blocked pores. Others are best for reducing wrinkles. Then you have some that can be gentle even on very sensitive skin. The very important point about all chemical exfoliators is - they're loosening off dead skin so that it can be removed and healthy new skin can take its place. If you're going to do that - you're going to want to wash those dead skin cells away in the morning.

Your morning cleanse doesn't need to be laborious or as intense as your regimen at night (particularly if you're a make up wearer). If you're really not a morning person, why not put on some Wonder Balm just before you get in the bath or shower in the morning and rinse it off during/after? You'll have the added benefit of having the oils on your skin that bit longer, allowing your skin to make the most of them. 

Then you can start every day with that Wonder Balm glow!


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