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Testing On Animals

Testing On Animals | The Clean Beauty Club

We can be really quick about this one. We don't test Wonder Balm on animals. We will never test any of our products on animals. No-one who supplies our ingredients test them on animals either. 

Now, this might be a complicated question for many of you as it's quite hard to tell who does what from the outside. But we have good news - we can give you an idea of how to figure it out for yourself. 

Testing cosmetics on animals is actually no longer allowed in the U.K (fantastic news). Now this might let you feel relaxed about using any and all beauty products if you like in the U.K, but there is a caveat. 

Companies who sell their products on Mainland China must test their products on animals in order to be able to sell there. It is the law. It's a law that may well change in the future, but at the time of writing that just isn't the case. 

So, whatever make up you're using, whatever hand wash or toothpaste or skincare you use will not be tested on animals for you in the U.K. If that company also sells in Mainland China they are testing on animals.


The only exception is people who sell online to residents of China - but don't physically sell on the mainland. The rule is different there. So if you're in China and you would like a balm, order away. It will be cruelty free ❤️

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