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Are you worried about the environment?

Are you worried about the environment? | The Clean Beauty Club

You're worried about the environment, right? So are we. Oh my gosh, the horror stories are everywhere - and rightly so. No matter where you stand on the grand eco debate, the truth is, we absolutely use too much plastic. 

This time last year we were running a business that had plastic as a component of it's main product line. We're only a small company so our usage wasn't massive + we always used recyclable bottles. At the time we thought that was enough. I think, at the time, we all thought that was enough. 

Now though, we absolutely don't. We now know that recycled plastic bottles don't make new plastic bottles. They make a lesser material that isn't used to create the same type of product again, or the plastic just isn't recycled at all. The truth is, it's too cheap to make and often too expensive to recycle. This article really gave us the fear. 

So, late 2018 we decided enough was enough. We haven't bought another plastic bottle to house an A Pony Called Steve product since then and have no plans to ever reintroduce them. 

We looked at other big problems in life where it comes to consuming too much and creating waste - the dreaded face wipe! Don't get us started on them. Let's just say 'fatberg' and leave it there. The very fact that there has even been a Go Jetter's episode on about the dreaded fatberg on CBeebies, tells us it must be bad!

So inevitably, this brings us to Wonder Balm. We had so many beautiful options when it came to packaging. Stunning green glass jars with wooden lids (very heavy to ship + needed lots of protective packaging), beautiful coloured plastic jars with our logo printed directly on them, outer boxes with the most intricate and gorgeous patterns and all our information on little booklets. 

Instead, we went with aluminium tins. We love them. You love them too. Most importantly though, they're incredibly easy to recycle. They're incredibly light to ship. They're not creating more waste. 

Honestly, there were moments where we nearly cracked and went with the all out 'here I am, instagram me!' option. But we're proud and happy that we didn't. We can look at our lovely daughters and know that we're doing the right thing. 

Plus, you guys totally agree! So thank you all so much for letting us know that you're happy we chose this option. It makes us do that happy dance!

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