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I Have Oily Skin - Surely I Shouldn't Use Oil Based Products?

I Have Oily Skin - Surely I Shouldn't Use Oil Based Products? | The Clean Beauty Club

We totally get it. When you suffer from oily skin, the worst possible solution to that seems to be putting more oil on your skin. 

Actually though, using oil base products can be exactly what your skin needs. Let us explain. 

Your skin naturally produces oil to protect and cleanse your skin. Sometimes it can get a bit overenthusiastic about it though and goes a bit haywire. The natural reaction to this can be to seek out products that strip that oil away in the hopes that skin will clear. 

Unfortunately, the skin that was over producing oil in the first places now feels stripped and dry. So what does skin do? Overcompensates to produce even more oil. 

The main concern really with oily skin is the tendency for breakouts to follow. More important than anything else then is to make sure that skin is properly clean, without being stripped and dried out. 

This is done fabulously with the use of some of the magical creations that nature has to offer. So many oils (both essential and carrier oils) contain antioxidants and vitamins to both nourish and cleanse skin effectively. 

The problem of breakouts doesn't happen through the production of skin's natural oils alone, it happens because those oils trap dirt and pollutants to stop them making their way into your body. When you don't properly cleanse your skin and remove this dirt then that's when the trouble starts. 

So, if you have oily skin - cleanse regularly, don't ever leave on make up or go to bed without cleansing. Cleanse again in the morning again but make sure you choose your products to nourish and feed your skin. Choose ingredients packed with antioxidants and no sulphates or parabens. Then make sure always to thoroughly remove all cleanser, preferably with lovely hot water and a very clean facecloth!

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