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Spotlight on our ingredients - Pomegranate Oil

Spotlight on our ingredients - Pomegranate Oil | The Clean Beauty Club

Pomegranate Oil is such an amazing ingredient that you might never have heard of - so we want to tell you all about it!

Pomegranate oil is a really nutritious, rich oil with fantastic regenerative properties. It stimulates something in your skin called keratinocytes. These are cells in the outer layer of your skin whose primary job is to form a barrier to keep all the environmental nasties out. You know, things like pollution and bacteria and UV rays. You definitely don't want them in your body! Allowing the keratinocyte cells to do their work well reverses skin damage, revives skin and makes you appear lovely and youthful. 

Theres is also a wonderful oil contained within the pomegranate containing punicic acid, which is an excellent anti-inflammatory. This reduces swelling and helps to aid skin repair. It has been shown to protect skin from sun damage and also to fight off free radicals. How amazing is that? No need for weird chemical ingredients that we can't pronounce when looking for amazing results. 

As is that wasn't enough, there's something else called ellagic acid contained naturally within the fruit. This prevents wrinkle formation and has been shown to help prevent skin cancer. 

We're always so excited by what natural ingredients can do, and we choose them very carefully when formulating our products. When deciding on the oils for our Wonder Balm we just couldn't resist using pomegranate oil. It's one of the main ingredients!

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