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Why is it so important to remove make up properly?

Why is it so important to remove make up properly? | The Clean Beauty Club

So you've had a long day and the idea of properly taking off your make up seems just a bit more work than you can deal with. What's the big deal? You don't have much on anyway...

Or even worse, you've had a big night out and come home with half a pizza in your hand bag. Why should you use your last shred of consciousness to remove that war paint?

Well, turns out there are lots of reasons and it's way more important than you thought. 

Your skin does wonderful things while you sleep (your whole body does in fact) and one of these things is regeneration of skin cells. In order to regenerate and keep your skin tip top, your sebaceous glands need to produce sebum. This oily substance makes its way to the surface of your skin, taking all the old cells, dirt and foreign particles up with it and out of your pores. But, alas! Your skin is covered in make up! Oily, pasty, power covered stuff made to cover your skin with colour. So all that hard work that your skin is doing (all by itself to keep you looking amazing) is being thwarted by the stuff you've left on your face. ARGH!

That's right, all these wonderful things are being done by your skin as you sleep - it's totally magical. 

Anyway, back to that sebum full of junk from your pores. Should it manage to make its way to the surface with no problems, then the oil and dirt will be deposited on the surface of your skin, ready to be cleansed again in the morning. 

Not properly cleaning away all that stuff that your wonderful body has worked so hard to remove from your pores is what leads to breakouts, enlarged pores and even wrinkles. Wrinkles?! Yup. If the harmful free radicals found the surface of your skin aren't removed and sebum production is decreased, then the production of collagen is decreased, making skin look wrinkled. 

Do you use a matte foundation? It more than likely contains clay which prevents the skin from becoming shiny as the day goes on. How about powder? That contains clay too (in the form of talc). Clay keeps the skin dry over the course of the day by drawing out and absorbing moisture. Which is great if you want to stay perfectly made up and non shiny all day long. However, one of the biggest culprits in wrinkle formation is dehydration. You need to stop that make up taking all the valuable moisture out of your skin - because you really need it! It helps your skin stay plump and youthful.

Cleansing effectively with a product designed not to strip your skin of natural oils is definitely up there as one of the most important (if not the most important) step in your skin care routine. All the very best lotions and potions in the world will do nothing at all if put on an unclean base. So start with your cleanser and make it amazing. Then you can go back and enjoy that pizza ;)

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