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Dehydration = Wrinkles

Dehydration = Wrinkles | The Clean Beauty Club

That's true!

There are so many reasons why our bodies become dehydrated, even when we drink what we might feel is enough.

Alcohol, caffeine, salt & smoking are major culprits (vaping too btw). Each one of these pastimes can cause dehydration on their own. Imagine doing them all together?!

There are loads of little hints we get when our body wants us to take in more good quality fluids (these can be from fruits and veggies as well as juice & water). You'll have suffered most of these at some point or another so make sure to pay attention next time you come across one.

First up, feeling thirsty. It's obvious, but we often ignore it! Have a big tasty drink at this first sign to stop the next signs appearing.

Next you might find that your mouth, lips and skin get dry. Your breath might stop smelling so minty fresh and your lips start to ask you to hunt for your trusty lip balm. Have a drink first! Dry lips are actually quite a late sign of thirst and dehydration, so get on it.

Last up, the hangover-like headache. Did you know that this is actually caused by the brain shrinking ever so slightly and pulling the membrane around your brain? That's where your pain receptors are and why you have the headache. Totally true. Dehydration also reduces the blood volume and the oxygen rich blood making its way to your brain. This is why it can be hard to concentrate when you're dehydrated too. 

So! All that's not so good eh? The body has excellent defences and knows how to look after itself. In reality, the body will protect your organs by pulling moisture to them first. Unfortunately that moisture is pulled away from your hair, nails and skin first. Environmental factors dry them out too. Sun, heat (like hairdryers, curlers etc) & pollution dry them out too. You have a lot to do in the fight against dehydration!

Why is it so important to fight against dehydration though? Aside from your organs and brain (which are an important enough reason anyway!) drying out your skin is one of the main causes of fine lines and wrinkles. If you add to this hard work your body is doing by using a harsh chemical skincare regimen then you're making matters even worse. 

Instead look for products that feed your skin and protect its moisture content. Our Wonder Balm does an amazing job of thoroughly cleansing skin without drawing that precious moisture. Lots of water + Wonder Balm = Lovely Youthful Skin!

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