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How to deal with dehydrated skin

How to deal with dehydrated skin | The Clean Beauty Club

Dehydration. Your skin hates it!

Skin needs water. Your whole body does! It needs much more of it than you might realise and the lack of it does crazy things to your body. 

There are loads of really simple causes of dehydration. Coffee, alcohol and smoking (even vaping) cause moisture loss in the skin. Not drinking enough water and eating high-quality fruit & vegetables is an obvious reason too. 

Your body needs water internally and it knows how to get it! It prioritises the water in your internal organs over your skin and draws moisture from wherever it can. 

The obvious signs of dehydration (dry lips, bad breath, headaches) mean that it's quite late on dehydration wise. Get fuelled up on water fast.

Next comes dry skin and fine lines and wrinkles. Did you know that they can come from dehydration too? Too much sun, pollution & environmental factors contribute and those fine lines and wrinkles can start sticking around long term. 

The good news is that dehydration is different to dry skin. Dryness is a skin type and it's determined by the way your pores secrete oil. Dry skin can feel rough and flaky. Dehydrated skin is something that can happen to anyone of any skin type (even oily) but can be counteracted relatively easily. Dehydrated skin can also feel sensitive, show more ageing, and be dull looking. 

Air conditioning in the summer, heating in the winter, cold weather, warm weather - they can all be contributors. 

Be very careful not to use skincare that is too harsh when you find yourself at the risk of being dehydrated. Your skin already has enough to do and harsh cleansers (especially containing alcohol) are going to add to the sensitivity your skin may be suffering from. Make sure to keep your skin soft, supple & hydrated instead. 

So please drink lots and use our Wonder Balm & Serums to help counteract all this damage and protect the water in your skin. And if you need something extra - add a mist 😉.

Also -seriously - go have a drink right now :)

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