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How effortless is Wonder Balm really?

How effortless is Wonder Balm really? | The Clean Beauty Club

Testing Wonder Balm is totally our favourite thing to do, we love really challenging ourselves and pushing the limits as much as possible!

We've been trying out all the makeup products we can to show just how easy it is. We've used tattoo eyeliner (all over our faces), face paint, long-lasting foundation and everything in between.

We're so excited to say that we haven't found a product yet that Wonder Balm hasn't been able to melt off - and we've really gone for it when we've been testing!

Of course, you don't need to be a mega makeup wearer to appreciate the benefit of super-easy cleansing. We know you don't want to be spending more than a few minutes taking your make-up off. We don't either! You know though that what goes on, must come off.

If you want your best possible skin it's 100% completely necessary to cleanse before bed (there's nothing that is more impactful than this). So why not do it really easily with our gorgeous hot cloth cleanser?

We've taken a full face of face paint + eyeliner off in minutes. Think how easily your make-up could come off!

Here's to an easy life and beautiful skin!

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