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Skincare made simple

Skincare made simple | The Clean Beauty Club

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You don’t know what your skin needs

Boom. There. We said it.

You have no idea what your skin needs from one day to the next. You’re completely overwhelmed by everything you read and sometimes you look at the 1000 bottles in beauty halls (or in your bathroom) and you just feel like you need a degree to get your head around it all.

Sound about right?

The worst thing too is that of COURSE you want the best skin you can have.

Of course, you want to not have to wear make up every day and feel like your skin is healthy.

Of course, you want the beautiful glowing skin and the effortlessly polished look that everyone tells you is soooooo easy ‘if you just follow these 25 steps'.

But even when you do have all the products, there’s still so much to balance and consider.

🤔Is the air a bit dry? 🤔Am I feeling a tad hormonal? 🤔Does that make my skin oily? 🤔Was I somewhere really polluted? 🤔I have SPF on - will it clog my pores? 🤔Do I need antioxidants? 🤔Or antimicrobials? 🤔How much of this am I allowed to use? 🤔Is this much too much? 🤔Will this make my eyes sting? 🤔But do I need something different because I have on waterproof mascara?

It’s overwhelming and frankly too much for one person to have to think about every single day.

So you have three choices.

    1.    Do all the research and buy all the products - judge each day what you think you need and tailor your skincare to suit. It’ll be worth all the effort, right?

    2.    Embrace the overwhelm - ditch it all and just ignore your skin. You have enough to worry about already and frankly, wipes are fine. You know everyone says they’re dreadful but your skin is fine.

    3.    Ask your fairy godmother for a magic potion that’s super easy to use / does absolutely everything your skin needs in one go / is like 10 products in 1. No matter what your skin needs - it’s in there 🧚‍♀️

Want to know how we know all this? We don’t know what our skin needs most days either. The difference is - we don’t need to worry about it.

We asked our fairy godmother for a magic potion that did everything every single day without us even trying to make our skin look good.

And as ridiculously unlikely as it might sound - this is EXACTLY what wonder balm does.

It just packs everything your skin could need into the most innocent and simple looking balm. From the outside it’s impossible to know how powerful and versatile it actually is.

♡ Skin feeling dry? It moisturises ✔️

♡ Feeling oily? It balances ✔️

♡ Sensitive? It’s incredibly gentle ✔️

♡ Been somewhere polluted? It fights free radicals ✔️

♡ Don’t even know what free radicals are? You don’t need to - it just deals with them ✔️

♡ Eaten a load of rubbish and getting breakouts? It’s anti inflammatory and calms swelling ✔️ it’s also antibacterial and massively minimises breakouts before they even happen ✔️

It does all this and so much more. You don’t even need to know it or think about it at all. Just cleanse and let the potion do the rest.

It sounds too good to be true. Frankly - it should be! But it’s not too good to be true. It’s wonder balm ♥️

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