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What we're doing during lockdown

What we're doing during lockdown | The Clean Beauty Club

Hello you beautiful & wonderful people, 

Gosh. That'll do right? As far as words go - they're really all we have at the moment for what is going on. Gosh.

Anyway, we're sure you're sick of virus chat and platitudes. Needless to say we're hoping you're ok during all of this.


One of the things we're finding more than ever at the moment is how much we're missing chatting to all of you. Usually we'd be part of your lives on social media and through email. Right now though our main hurdle with work at the moment is that we have no time. Everyone's lock down is different, but with young kids and working partners, we're having to squeeze work into the wee small hours and the moments of peace allowed to us by our children. So we apologise for being quiet, but we're thinking of you all! We're delighted to announce though that we've been doing some exciting things with the time we do have.


We're crazy excited to say that the samples of our brand new products are coming together right now. We can't tell you much but what we can say is that

  • We're launching more than one new product
  • Several are in the Wonder Balm Collection
  • All are incredible
  • They should be coming really soon

We'll tell you more as we know it, but until then....eeeeshk!! We're incredibly excited!


We've been talking on social media recently about what we can do to help key workers as much as we can. We know that Wonder Balm does incredible things to heal sore & broken skin, so we want to make sure all key workers out there have what they need. We're giving away balm with every batch we make - so keep buying so that we can keep giving more away!

If you're a frontline worker during all of this, please use code FRONTLINE for 10% off Wonder Balm so that you can heal your skin in between shifts as much as possible. 


We also want to update you on how we're working at the moment and how much stock etc we have. For now, we have plenty. Thankfully we made as much as we possibly could while we had the chance. All of our stock is safely at our fulfilment house so that your orders can go out promptly and without delay. 

As long as the fulfilment house stays open and Royal Mail keep delivering, then you can keep buying Wonder Balm. 

If stocks run low - then subscription customers' orders will take priority. Subscriptions are mega easy to get and mega easy to pause / change / cancel*. Plus you will automatically receive a discount of 15-20%

*Cancellation is possible after your second delivery. You can read all about it here


So, as long as our fulfilment centre stays open, Royal Mail keeps delivering and our ingredients suppliers stay open - we'll be here!

Ready for a new balm now? Get yours here

Stay safe everyone, 

Much love, 

Emma + Aminah xx

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