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New product time...

New product time... | The Clean Beauty Club

It's finally time! Time to add another product to our Wonder Balm collection.

This time a year ago we had roughly 160 products available on our website, from soaps to candles + body lotions. We made a massive decision to reduce all of those products down to just one - Wonder Balm.

We did that because Wonder Balm felt different to anything we had ever produced in the past. Predominantly it was because we had 1) made it just for us and 2) developed it in such a way that we knew that it could do something.

It certainly has done that. You've been telling us for a year all about the incredible things Wonder Balm has done for your skin. You just need to have a look at the reviews on our product pages to see just how much you all love it.

So when we considered the future, the truth was this...

We didn't care whether we ever developed another product ever again.

That's honestly the truth. We haven't been wringing our hands and worrying about what product we would put out next. We didn't pace the floors concerned that nothing could ever follow Wonder Balm.

Instead we just decided that if nothing was ever as good as the product you all love so much, we just would never release another one.

So we're just as surprised as you are to hear that before the end of May we aim to launch our brand new product. And that product will be a.....


Yey! For those of you who have been astonished by the results you've seen with your skin using Wonder Balm - we're delighted to say that the serum has twice the concentration of all the ingredients that have been working so incredibly well for you over the past year.

The oil based formula can be used alone after cleansing or as part of your normal routine. Whatever floats your boat. The non sticky formula means that it doesn't ask to be layered with another product afterwards and, like Wonder Balm, it would never leave your skin tight. Instead it brings that dewy glow you have come to know and love.

We can't wait to tell you more!


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