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Skin, meet citrus oils...

Skin, meet citrus oils... | The Clean Beauty Club

We love essential oils so much. When we're researching the ingredients to use in our products we feel like we're working with magic. Each oil has such amazing properties to keep your skin at its absolute best. 

Today we want to tell you all about citrus oils and how beneficial they can be, particularly for cleansing. 

There's a reason that so many cleaning products have the scent of citrus. Citrus oils are nature's degreasers, taking oil and dirt and helping to melt them away safely and naturally. 

Did you know that citrus essential oils are also antibacterial? Bacteria is the biggest culprit in acne prone skin, so using a bacteria fighting and antiseptic oil is the perfect way to fight those pesky clogged pores!

When citrus oils are applied directly to the skin in a beautifully made product they work their magic to degrease and brighten skin. They also tighten and tone and detoxify too!

Sweet orange oil helps to reduce inflammation and puffiness in the skin. It also helps to reduce anxiety and stress too! Grapefruit oil helps boost the lymphatic system, helping to reduce water retention and bloating. Mandarin oil increases circulation in the skin which helps you to better fight off bacteria and infection and makes skin look more youthful. Lemon has fantastic astringent properties, helping to tone skin and close open pores

You can see why we're so excited by all the amazing oils available to us. We've added all of these gorgeous citrus oils to our Wonder Balm. Want some now? Get it here!

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