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How we formulate our products

How we formulate our products | The Clean Beauty Club

The reviews are coming in every day now from our testers and they are completely incredible. When you send a product to 40 people you have never met to test for you it can be nerve wracking. But when the results are this amazing the experience is completely exhilarating!

When we formulated the serum we followed the same rule we created when we developed Wonder Balm. That rule was simple - use the maximum concentration of the highest quality ingredients possible and allow those ingredients to do the hard work to look after your beautiful skin.

This might sound ridiculous (and too obvious to bother writing down here) but the truth to the success of Wonder Balm (and Wonder Serum) is really that simple. It isn't a rule that is often followed with skincare though, as the temptation to 'water down' formulations with oils that don't work so hard is just too great. These cheaper oils bulk out many other formulations and dilute the effect you see on your skin.

The truth is, it's very difficult to tell just how great a product is just by the ingredients list on a product. It's understandable that so many companies are tempted to pull the wool over your eyes by adding a load of filler ingredients. After all, skincare is very expensive to make.

With Wonder Balm and now Wonder Serum, we've been delighted to see that the hard work we put into the development and the choice we made to keep the ingredients at that luxury level is really showing up for you in the results you see 😍

​We can't wait to tell you more!

Much love, 

Emma + Aminah xx

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