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Wonder Serum...it's happening!

Wonder Serum...it's happening! | The Clean Beauty Club
How are you feeling about the serum launch? Are you as excited as we are?!

We're moving through the stages of getting to launch date for the serum and the excitement is really building. It is an incredible thing creating a product and moving through all the tasks needed to get that product to you guys!

We moved past the formulation stage quite a while ago and we are so super happy with the result. People asked us how we would ever follow Wonder Balm and the truth is...we were happy to never release another product if it wasn't as good as Wonder Balm. Honestly. So when we tried this and knew it had passed that test we were very happy!

You guys seem pretty happy about this too which is why we're going to allow you to join a waiting list. As you all know, Wonder Balm sold out within 12 hours of the launch, so being on the waiting list will allow a bit of security. You'll know you'll get first dibs and we'll keep your serum safe for a few hours before we launch it to the world. We'll be in touch soon with the link for this.

We've already told you that Wonder Serum has twice the concentration of beneficial ingredients as Wonder Balm (which even we struggle to get our heads around!) and also that the bottle of serum will last between 4-8 months (depending on whether you use it once or twice a day). We can't wait to share more with you as we move closer to the launch.

Meanwhile, we're busy having photographs taken to show you all how gorgeous our new packaging is ❤️ 

​We can't wait to tell you more!

Much love, 

Emma + Aminah xx

P.S, ready to join the list? The link is here...


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