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Healing Skin with Wonder Balm - Painful Chapped Hands

Healing Skin with Wonder Balm - Painful Chapped Hands | The Clean Beauty Club

You know at certain times of year lots of people get cracked, chapped, painful hands and fingers? It's brought on by the weather for some people and by things like hand washing, dish washing and things like anti bacterial gel. Whatever brings it on, it hurts!

We are contacted recently by a customer of ours telling us about a story with her hands. She's a nurse who has always suffered with painful hands but using hand gels and wearing gloves all day at work had made it so much worse. Her family were always used to her sitting with her fingers bent because straightening them was just too painful. After work it was impossible. 

She had tried all sorts of creams and lotions and potions. She had steroid creams which worked for short times but thinned her skin. She tried a load of over the counter pharmacy options and a lot of high street creams that had worked for other people. Nothing was working for her. 

She contacted us this week to say that she was in work and all she had was a little tester pot of Wonder Balm. She's a massive fan of it as a cleanser and knew it didn't irritate her very sensitive skin. On a whim she put some on her hands and forgot about it. After a while she realised it hadn't stung like other creams and slapped some more one. This continued for a little while. 

Three days later and her skin was completely different. Three! She could straighten her fingers for the first time in a long time - what's even better, there was absolutely no pain. Her skin wasn't stripped and thinned as it would normally have been with steroids. Plus, it hasn't returned weeks later. This was an absolute first for her. 

How on earth did a cleansing balm do that!?

Well. Our cleansing balm is very very special. It contains a high percentage of a few very important ingredients. In this instance the most important are pomegranate seed oil and moringa oil. Together these provide a superhero level of healing and regeneration of skin. They are anti-inflammatory, taking the swelling out of these sore hands. There's something called punicic acid in pomegranate seed oil which is a formidable agent for wound healing and scar reduction. Moringa oil is an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal too and can keep the sore areas clean and free of nasties. It's very moisturising and keeps skin from becoming dehydrated. Add all this together and voila! Good things happen!

Now, imagine having all those amazing properties on your gorgeous face every day? You can have all this goodness just by washing your face. Easy!

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