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Healing Skin with Wonder Balm - The Story of a Burn

Healing Skin with Wonder Balm - The Story of a Burn | The Clean Beauty Club

We have had quite a few messages from our Wonder Balmers over the past few weeks talking about the changes they've seen in their skin. One total babe in particular had some very special things to say to us about her experience in using Wonder Balm on a burn on her hand.

"The balm has healed this really deep burn so beautifully. What I've noticed is how evenly it has healed. There is no [pain], not even that itch you get when healing. Because of having MS burns, cuts etc take so so long to heal. Normally this would have taken about 3 months, it's been 4 weeks."

She then expressed something we know very well but struggle with when communicating to you all...

"It has to be marketed as more than just a cleanser, like honestly it's so f***ing special, I am in complete awe of your genius"

At this point we blacked out ever so slightly for just a second. When we came to again we let her know that we know it can do all these things, we know why it does it too - but communicating it is so tricky!

"Cracked heels, insect bites, lip balm, tames brows, dry cuticles, itchy bits, burns, it's such a great all rounder"

So, we're going to do another round of testing and get back to you all. We're going to go in search of willing reviewers with scarring and acne, two of the biggest problems our skin often faces. Do you have either? If so, send us a message! If not, do you have another skin complaint you'd like us to test it on? Let us know!

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