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What's happening in this time of uncertainty

What's happening in this time of uncertainty | The Clean Beauty Club

Hi all,

We know you're all worried about what's going on at this time and how we're going to be going forward as isolation becomes more commonplace and necessary. 

We're so happy to be able to say that we managed to prepare ourselves for this as best we could and all orders should be able to go ahead as normal. There is no delay to orders and we have made a lot of stock to see us through. 

Thank goodness we made a decision last week to work and work and work as hard as we could, while we could, to make and pack as much Wonder Balm as we were able to. 

Our products are all made, boxed and ready to send. They are in our fulfilment warehouse safe and sound and we've been reassured that the warehouse will carry on through this crisis. It is considered to be an essential service so it will operate even when other business are forced to close. 

What this means for you...

Just now our stocks of The Big One are running low - but we have plenty of 28g balms. We'll continue to make Big Balms and restock them when we can. If stocks run low we will prioritise subscription customers. It's very easy to set up a subscription here. Just choose subscribe and save. 

How do subscriptions work?

  • Subscriptions work by automatically generating an order for you every 1, 2 or 3 months (whatever you choose)
  • Subscriptions are automatically discounted by 15%
  • Shipping is still free in the U.K
  • You can cancel your subscription after your second order
  • You can pause your next order or change your delivery date at any time just by logging into your account

Subscriptions really aren't scary or a massive deal. They allow us to make sure we have stocks ready for our biggest Wonder Balm fans and they make life easier for you. If you need a break, take a break. We don't mind. 

If for any reason we have no stock to fulfil your subscription order you won't be charged.

If you have any worries, questions or concerns - please don't hesitate to email us hello@aponycalledsteve.co.uk or use the chat function to talk to us right away. We'll add frequently asked questions in here as people ask them. 

Thank you all for continuing to use Wonder Balm. We're so glad it's helping your hands and making the constant hand washing a bit easier. 

Much love, 

Emma + Aminah xx

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