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Using Natural Skincare - Why Does It Matter?

Using Natural Skincare - Why Does It Matter? | The Clean Beauty Club

The world is awash with products nowadays, especially for our skin. There are so many promises, so many options - how on earth are we supposed to choose?

Your skin is your body's largest organ and it keeps the outside world out! It's so important to remember though that it is not impenetrable. So much of what we place on it is absorbed into our bodies. Why not use wonderful, natural ingredients to feed your skin and keep it wonderfully healthy? Hint - wonderfully healthy and well fed skin looks younger!

The biggest issue faced with skin care manufacturers nowadays is the need to preserve their products for years and years. It can be a very long time before the products they make end up in your gorgeous bathroom. Often the wonderful ingredients they are using are counteracted by the need to have them last a long time.

Think about the healthy and natural food you are making the decision to eat. You know that fresh and nutritious ingredients don't last forever, often the healthier they are for your lovely body, the sooner you have to eat them. Those ready meals and individually packed treats that would be a great idea to put in a nuclear bunker because they never go off? That's because of preservatives. Did you know that some ingredients take months or even years to leave your body? Filling it with artificial preservatives in your food & skincare products can have a very long lasting effect on your insides...

There are two main culprits when it comes to skincare needing to have a preservative added. The first of these is water. If there is water in a formation it will absolutely grow and harbour bacteria if a preservative isn't added. In this case we must look for the most natural option available to us. 

Another problem is oxygen. When this meets our lovely natural ingredients we see oxidation occur. That's why protecting beans in cans is a way to see our food last so long. They'll be good for months and months and months - until they're opened. Then they are useless really fast. 

A great rule of thumb when choosing a product to use on your skin is to see it as skin food. Does the product you are looking to use nourish your skin? Does it cleanse it effectively without stripping away your natural oils? (Contrary to popular belief, stripping your face of oils makes it more oily as your skin attempts to compensate and rebalance itself). Does it contain harsh chemicals that you would never consider eating? Does it allow your skin to remain hydrated and provide it with important vitamins and minerals? (Dehydration is one of the biggest causes of wrinkles and loss of elasticity).

One option we've gone for in our Wonder Balm is to eliminate all water and keep our products fresh. We only manufacture in small batches so that nothing is sitting on a shelf for months before it gets to you. It means though that stocks are always limited. Grab some while you can here!

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