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Putting on and taking off a lot of face paint with Wonder Balm

Putting on and taking off a lot of face paint with Wonder Balm | The Clean Beauty Club

Well, haven't we been having fun again?! It's getting close to that time of year where lots of the population cover themselves in face paint to go out and roam the streets. In saying that, for make up lovers like us, this applies most days! All that make up and face paint must come off again - we love to show you just how easy it is to remove any and all make up (& face paint) using Wonder Balm. 

We love to have a laugh with Wonder Balm when we're showing you just what it can do. We've only ever encountered one product (a new as yet unreleased lipstick) that Wonder Balm had a bit of a struggle with. Don't worry, it still got there. The tester was quick to point out though that this lipstick had the consistency of glue and she would never wear it again. We completely agree with that sentiment. If Wonder Balm struggles, your skin will not like it at all!

To show you all again how effortlessly Wonder Balm removes all the nonsense we have so much fun applying to our faces (this could be anything from really high end make up down to face paint), we got our tools out and had a play. It should be noted that we weren't in fact using facepaint. We decided to go full guns blazing and try a 'lasting colour gel eyeliner'. We don't like to make things too easy! We took to the sink and readied ourselves with two cotton cloths and some nice hot water. Then next stop - Wonder Balm!

Needless to say it took zero effort. No spoilers there! We've truly never struggled using Wonder Balm to remove any and all make up. Our skin was nourished, our faces were clean and it was like nothing had ever happened!

It's so gentle and wonderful you can use it on even the most sensitive skin. So why not stock up in time for Halloween, or just your next big night out?!

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