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Pink Hair Towel Turban


Everything we have here is game-changing for us, but this 😍 this has been so unbelievably useful.

We know you won't be able to be without this towelling turban once you've given it a try. On wet hair, it's a dream. It holds itself in place and makes blowdrying so. much. easier.

It makes everything around shower/bath time so much easier, especially if you have 100 things to do / are running late / have kids demanding your every moment of attention. Why? Really simply, it just stays in place.

That's it. It stays in place while you get dry, while you rush to make breakfast, while you put makeup on. Better still, when it's time to take it off again your hair is so much drier already that it cuts drying time right down.

But - we don't just use it on wet hair. Put it on before your wonder balm / mask / serum routine at night. It'll keep your hair away until all the lovely oils have soaked in and stop you worrying about making a mess.

You honestly won't know what you did before you had one!