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Our Scents

Green Opal Fruits

Remember opal fruits? No? Ugh, you're so young. Ok starburst then? That's more like it!

​Our green opal fruits scent is amazing. It's citrus and sweet, but with real depth. It is wonderfully zingy & fresh with sharp citrus top notes on a deep herb base. Warmed with ginger & coriander, this delicious scent will develop over time as it warms on your skin or burns as a candle.

It's perfect for citrus fans who want something more complex & interesting than just lemon & lime. It's a bestseller of ours for very good reason!

Honeyed Raspberry

Our honeyed raspberry is the most delicious sweet & summery scent. A truly delicious blend of sun ripened strawberries, juicy raspberries and a hint of citrus orange to add a zesty lift. All sitting on a floral base of rose with a subtle hint of honey. 

Or....if you're feeling less fancy...it smells a lot like blue slush puppies. Which, it has to be said, are 100% the most delicious of all the scents of slush puppy (or ice pole, or ice pop, or snow cone...depending on your geographical preference.)



Our mojito scent is a delicious fizzy lemon & lime blend. Muddled together with fresh mint & sugar, this scent just shouts summer & cheers up the darkest of days!

It makes the perfect gift for friends who love a cheeky cocktail, love to smell summery & love a zingy, fresh scent. This is the ideal present for that friend who loves to travel, who always seems to be doing something new & fun & exciting but you never know what to buy them. 

Let's face it, the friend we'd all like to be with the life we'd all like to have!

Parma Violet

Remember those little purple sweeties you used to get in selection bags (still do actually)? Well. This scent smells EXACTLY like them. 

Believe us, we didn't settle until it was right and this scent is perfect!

If we're going to be fancy about it (and we are) then we can tell you that this scent is a subtle blend of both violet flower & green violet leaf. There's just a hint of rose, a touch of jasmine and a tiny hint of freesia. All combined to smell just like tiny purple sweeties...

Pear Drops

​Ok, here's another one we can make promises about. Close your eyes. Think back to when you were a kid and someone got the travel sweeties out. Keep those eyes closed! Now, remember where you were going? Remember that amazing trip you took that time that you thought would be rubbish, but was totally amazing? Remember when you said you didn't like pear drops but you had one anyway? Remember that smell? We promise, this is 100% perfect...

Juicy, fresh pear, delicious, crisp apple and a hint of alcohol come together to make this just right. A smidgen of super ripe peach makes it even better.


Pink Lemonade

Where do you wish you were? In the sunshine? Sipping a fruity, cool, fresh drink?

That drink would be pink, I'm sure. The breeze gentle. The pool you're floating on is azure blue, one foot gently breaking the water's surface. What colour could your lilo be really, except pink too?

Let's get back to that drink. Sharp, zesty lemons are met with juicy, fresh strawberries. They sit on top of a base of bubbly prosecco and are made even better with a touch of pink grapefruit. 

Summer in a bottle!