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Wonder Balm Reviews

I have been using Wonder Balm for about 2 weeks now and I can't believe how great it is! I wanted something that would remove mascara easily without lots of rubbing (it does!) and didn't have lots of nasty ingredients (it doesn't!) It seriously melts all my makeup off - I have tried everything for my mascara and nothing removes it like Wonder Balm. I love that it doesn't end up with me losing lashes, which I felt like I was doing before when I had to scrub my mascara off each nice. I wasn't expecting a cleanser to do anything special for my skin, but it leaves my face feeling AMAZING. It doesn't feel dry, oily or loaded with product, my skin feels plump and moisturised even after sleeping. It seems to have cleared up some spots that were lurking for ages as well. I have combination skin and often struggle to find products that find the right balance for me. Also, I actually enjoy using it. It doesn't take long but it feels lovely to smooth on, and then using a hot cloth to remove feels great! The little pot seems to be going a long way, but when I do run out I will definitely be re-ordering. Can't recommend this stuff enough, I LOVE IT.


My skin looks fresher and more radiant, probably because its actually taken my make up off properly!


The best product for removing your make up without any drying or tightness. Leaves your skin feeling clean & soft. I see washing my face as a wee treat now.


Although it felt a little counter-intuitive at first, using this balm on my oily skin before bed helped swipe away grime from the day, and keep my face moisturised overnight, with a minimum of effort. It even worked to remove dark mascara, but stayed kind to my eyes and lashes.


Struggling with menopausal skin imbalances, I needed to change my skin care routine and give my skin a little extra. Wonderbalm has definitely done just that, after just a few weeks, my skin feels more nourished, is more balanced and feels smoother. Best of all it smells so good and using it is a mood enhancer from this alone! I will definitely be buying this product again in the future.


It actually works - very quickly and effortlessly


This amazing wonder balm has literally changed my skin within seconds. Its no longer oily, greasy & spot prone. It smells incredible. My skin is now silky smooth, spot free & I couldnt be happier


I've had no spots since using it, my redness has gone and my skin is not feels unbelievably soft. The greasy and dry patches have all evened out.


It's actually made my spots less so yaay! Wonderbalm makes your skin feel so soft after using. The product smells amazing and has helped my oily skin. Would happily use this again and again as part of my daily routine.


Thread veins are not so red and morning oil on my skin has reduced greatly. Wonder Balm - big magic in a little tin. One step skin improvement with ongoing benefits - improved completion, reduces oily residue and brightens the skin while redness is reduced significantly. No nasty additives to worry about and smells fabulous - fresh and uplifting. So yeah - magic in a tin.


A good choice for maturing skin - Wonderbalm is a little bit of luxury at the end of every day. Taking my makeup off was usually a chore that I didnt look forward to but now its a treat! The silky consistency makes a small amount of Wonderbalm go a very long way and the fragrance is beautifully natural yet sumptuous. For a natural product that is caring for my skin this cleansing balm feels very indulgent! What a treat!


Wonderbalm is a little tin of goodness! It feels amazing on your skin & has helped improved mine. My spots have died down and the flakiness has gone! Highly recommend wonderbalm, I LOVE it!

-Angela well...just wonderful. Sweeps away make up in an instant including stubborn mascara. My skins felt calm and extremely well cleansed after each use. It helped reduced the redness on my cheeks also. Its very easy to use and just a little tin goes a long way.


This is an amazingly easy to use product that gives brilliant results. Soothing and calming, yet deep cleansing, it's tackled my sensitive combination skin and settled it to the calmest, clearest and brightest it's looked in years. Smells beautiful (so easy to like a product that reminds me of sherbet lemons!) and feels like a expensive spa treatment, yet takes just a few minutes to use. It is the ultimate everyday luxury!


it seems to have reduced my pores on my nose and chin and my t zone isnt as greasy. The Wonder Balm is just that a wonder. It leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh after each use. It removes all make up even waterproof mascara and works brilliantly with cold water as well as warm. Plus it smells amazing.


Magic in a tin. Leaves my skin feeling lovely and smooth.


The Wonder Balm is just that a wonder. It leaves your skin feeling soft and fresh after each use. It removes all make up even waterproof mascara and works brilliantly with cold water as well as warm. My skin definitely feels deep down clean after use. Plus it smells amazing.


I love the feeling of it melting your makeup away & the smell! Wonderbalm is a little tin of goodness! It feels amazing on your skin & has helped improved mine. My spots have died down and the flakiness has gone! Highly recommend wonderbalm, I LOVE it!


Love the balm. I absolutely love the way it makes my skin feel after I've used it, because you can literally see on the face cloth the dirt, the smell is feels amazing - clean, moist, fresh and replenished. Also.... how I can rub it over my eyes without that horrible chemical, stinging feel you get from other cleansers. The smell...It's like fresh in a tin. It's easy to use. I can take it on my travels.


It really is a miracle in a pot!! I’ve had the most horrific psoriasis on my eyelids for like the past few months. By the end of the first week of using Wonderbalm, it was practically gone!! I’ve been using it for over a month now and my skin is definitely clearer and brighter too!!! Plus it smells unreal so what’s not to love!!!


Desert Island Product Definitely a holiday must have. Recently been on a cruise and would not have been without my Wonderbalm. After a day in the sun I would lay on my bed before going out letting and balm soak into my skin leaving it glowing. Everyone commented how healthy my skin looked. It’s feels amazing x thank you - won’t be without this now x


Great product! Removes all traces of make up with ease and leaves skin feeling lovely! Would definitely recommend!


Lovely balm So good at makeup removal! Great for different skin types, my daughter loves it too. Very lovely.


A little pot of joy Really delighted that I tried this cleanser. Removes make up well and smells and feels incredible.


Wonderful Wonder Balm!! This product is the BEST skin cleanser I have ever used!!! My skin feels like silk I’m in love with Wonder Balm


Brilliant. Love it!


This is amazing, works better than the high street makeup remover I’ve been using for the last few years and makes my skin feel amazing after! A little goes a long way- cannot recommend enough!!


Wonder-Ful. Amazing! Absolutely love this balm, smells like a spa and leaves my skin feeling so soft, fresh and clean. Delivery was also super quick and fantastic customer service. Would 100% recommend.


It’ll change your face! Who knew such a small tin could do so much!! Absolutely LOVE this product - my skin feels and looks so much better! No more dry patches and I feel I’ve lost the dull, tired winter look! Really hoping there will be more products coming in the same range? Would love a serum/moisturiser xx


Truly wondrous! Love this! It has replaced my entire stack of night time products in one wee jar. It removes all my make up really easily and leaves my skin feeling hydrated and glowing. Simply wonderful!!