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Grey Cloths x 2

£4.00 £6.50

Grey Cloths x 2 - The Clean Beauty Club

You asked for them - and we got them!

We know how much you hate to see your beautiful white cloths stained with all the makeup that wonder balm so easily removes from your gorgeous face. We also know that we get questions so often about how to keep them pearly white.

The answer is that, quite honestly, you can't. The most important thing is to get your face properly clean!

So after many months of being asked to please supply darker facecloths, we finally have them for you.

Stock up and keep your bathroom looking pristine with no more mascara covered facecloths to be seen. Don't forget to wash them often though - remember, you won't see all the makeup so clearly. Clean cloths are mega important to keep skin clear ❤️