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Glow Glow Mega Bundle!

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Glow Glow Mega Bundle! - The Clean Beauty Club

Welcome to the best skin of your life!

You've made a good choice. This Mega Bundle of transformational products have been expertly designed to work together to create the glowing, youthful & nourished skin you've always dreamed of.

This bundle contains the full skincare routine you can take either a few minutes (or a few hours) a day applying. How long you like to spend on your self-care is up to you! With this bundle, we make sure that it's completely effortless and totally transformational.

It has everything you need to cleanse, plump & detoxify your beautiful skin. Skin will be better nourished, feel smoother, look more relaxed and youthful & (most importantly) GLOW!

You'll receive
  • Wonder Balm (the cleansing balm that melts off makeup in moments) The Big One 100g
  • Morning Serum (nicknamed 'Botox in a Bottle' by our reviewers before launch because of its ability to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles and leave skin super smooth and youthful) full-sized 25ml
  • Evening Serum (affectionately called 'Beauty Sleep in a Bottle' for its magical powers & the way it can plump out tired skin like a dream) full-sized 25ml
  • Wonder Mask (unlike any clay mask you have ever used - our customers call it 'legendary' for good reason) full sized 100g
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  • Wonder Balm 98g (Approx 250 applications - use twice a day)
  • Morning Serum - 25ml (Approx 150 applications)
  • Evening Serum - 25ml (Approx 150 applications)
  • Wonder Mask - 100g (Approx 20 applications)
  • Free Delivery in the U.K

As with all cosmetics - please do a patch test 48 hours before using our products. Everyone's skin is different and must be treated with the utmost love & care.