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What's so great about the Dead Sea anyway?

What's so great about the Dead Sea anyway? | The Clean Beauty Club

People have been flocking to the Dead Sea for centuries to make the most of its amazing waters and to bathe in its salty midst. What is so amazing about it though?!

The name suggests that to bathe in the super salty water would be anything but beneficial. It gets that name though because of the salt content which is so high that plants and marine life can't survive in it. 

Those salts aren't like the stuff you'll find in your kitchen. That's made almost entirely of sodium chloride which has excellent cleansing and preserving qualities. It's super drying on skin though which is why it's important to always rinse in the shower after bathing in the sea. 

Dead Sea Salts though contain as many as 21 minerals that are so beneficial for your body. They all do something different, so lets have a look at a few of them. 

Calcium not only strengthens bones & teeth, but also strengthens cells and cleanses pores. 

Sodium reduces muscle cramps and helps with post workout stiffness. A dead sea salt bath is great at night/ the morning after a run or a big dancing night!

Potassium is a total superhero when reducing bloating. It helps balance the moisture content in your skin and reduce water retention. Yippee!

Overall dead sea salts clean your skin more effectively than most soaps and skin cleansing products. It cleans pores, rids the body of harmful toxins and helps skin to regenerate. What a fantastic thing to bathe in!

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