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The miracle we call morning serum

The miracle we call morning serum | The Clean Beauty Club
So you wake up and skin is already better from using Evening Serum. Next it's time to add our Morning Serum with two separate and completely transformational actives 🤩
The first is known as 'nature's botox' because it magically relaxes out the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles right there and then.
It's so amazing. The most exciting thing we've heard about it possibly is how it gives skin almost a filtered look. Like you've put on an incredible primer.
Primers use silicones to fill in those fine lines and wrinkles (think polyfiller for skin) which is great...
But those silicones start to look cakey after a few hours and stop looking so great. You really need to wear make up over the top to complete the look and one product then needs another to look good (and so on and so on...)

Morning Serum is not like that at all 🤩

It takes your skin and makes it glowy and bright and smooth and amazing!

The ingredients do have the power to transform your skin and the best thing is it's all real - it's all really your skin that's getting better, not make up making it look better 😭😍 that's what we love about it so much. 

We received this dm from an absolutely gorgeous customer. It read

"Why have I waited so long to get the Morning Serum?! If I had known the effects of Wonder Balm + 2 serums, I'd have hands down had them all from day 1!

 Omg it's the actual dream skincare combo! I thought my skin was looking really good beforehand but oh no, the effects of all 3 together are AMAZING!

 And that Glow!

 The Morning Serum doesn't just live up to the hype of being Botox in a Bottle, which it totally is, it also takes the plumping nourishing effects of the evening serum to a whole new level, minimising pores, combating any redness and giving you the perfect base for your SPF and make up, if you even need any make up after that!!

Totally delighted ladies. Thank you 😍"

That says it better than we ever could!! (And makes us happier than you could imagine)

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